Apr 17, 2011
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I've just completed my first season (starting Summer 2011) with my home MLS side, Toronto FC.

Upon entering the Superdraft, I click on "See Next Pick" to advance through the draft, and nothing happens! The players in the draft pool flash, then remain the same, and Vancouver (who pick first), take nobody. This happens no matter how many times I reload the game, restart Steam, etc.

Once, I was able to click "See Next Pick" enough times for something to happen, and Vancouver passed! Picking second, I was overjoyed as I would be able to draft the top prospect. But, no, I was unable to draft! I could not pick any player, only pass on my pick... and all the other teams passed as well.

The next day, a news article appeared... all of the teams received a C+ grade for the draft... and almost all of the available players were contracted to Vancouver (the team that picked first). As far as I could tell, I received no players.

Just now I went on holiday through the draft to see what would happen... the same article appeared, Vancouver had many new GA/Dev players, and I had no new players.

Here is an image of that article:

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Has anyone encountered anything like this? It would be so unfortunate to have to abandon this save over such a small glitch (Why would I abandon it? Veritable new-gen stars emerge through the draft and I traded a formerly invaluable player for the 2nd pick).