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Mod request


Jan 26, 2014
First off, not sure If I'm posting this is the right place nor am I sure if someone has asked this already (I did search but nothing came up) and I'm not sure if this is even possible.

but like so many people I've seen on different websites complain I too hate the fact that the games player values and how much they are willing to sell a player for is incredibly broken e.g a new regen player whose decently stated about the same as the wonderkids stats when you first start a new season his player value is about 400k but the team refuses to sell him for anything less than 26mill.

considering this team is in the second division of the Portugal leagues I find it hard to believe that this player is worth this much..

so down to my question.

Is there a way that someone could make some type of mod that would only allow all teams make you pay around 20/30% of their current player value as a maximum amount they are willing to sell him. e.g this team in question from above would make me offer them at most 20/30% of the player in question current Player value?

so that's my question I understand that some people might not like this and thing its cheating and stuff but you know I'm curious :)