Money isn't everything - A AS Monaco story


Sep 20, 2012
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We are here again as i am writing this AS Monaco is in a contract negotiation with one of the worlds best managers.
No one else than the old man Jupp Heynckes!
We dont know what sort of money he will make but one thing is for sure he will have a lot of money to move around with and we managed to get a word with him after the German cup final where he was later seen going on a plane which was going to France.
We cant write the whole interview but we have a quote from him. "Many think im resting for a year and i thought i would do it do but then Santa came along and now i am not so sure anymore."
our guess is that he means Monaco with Santa as both Santa and Monaco wear red and white but they are having a press conference later today.

Should i keep writing like this or should i go with the normal one like the most does?
I wont do any unreal signings either and i am going to be as real world manager to 100%
And if anyone who is good at making banners is it possible to get one for this one please? would mean alot and if i have any misspells don't be mad i am from Sweden and trying my best :D