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Aug 11, 2012
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Hey guys.

If you have seen the film Moneyball starring Brad pitt. You orobably have an idea of what this save will be about. If not...then get ready.

The concept is simple....build a team using statistics only for the positions needed. Not based on value. Age or reputation. Purely statistics.

For example...if you want a useful wide midfielder who will dribble past players and cross well. You would sign someone with an high crossing completed stat and a high dribble per game stat. Say 40 crosses comlleted and a dribble per game of 4.08. He could be unknown and only valued at 20k. But his stats would show way better than say duff who avg after a season of just 1.02 dribbles per game and 20 completed crosses.

I have done a season long holiday to generate more stats and now me and my friend have embarked on the challenge.

I have took over fulham who actually have a generous budget of 32m and my friend has took charge of newcastle.

We are selling the players who didnt perform last season and searching for the statistcal gods that did. Ive sold berbatov for 7m as he only got 14% of hos shots on target 1st season. Currently seeking a striker to repace him.

I have however signed a goalkeeper called Lee robinson from queen of south for only 21k. In the 1st season he had 18 clean sheets. And conceeded only 20 goals in 36 matches.

This will be an extemely long start as we cypher through our teams and find the players we truly need because of their stats.

Let the fun begin.


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