Morale, talking to players (praise/critisize)


Aug 13, 2019
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How do you guys talk to your players? How do you handle player morale?

Let me explain why I ask.

I recently watched a Youtube FM-video where the guy talked about player morale, how to boost it by talking to your players as much as possible.

I picked up the tip. And it feels like a cheat. The game becomes so easy when I do it.

What I do specifically is this: I praise/critisize anyone who perform above/below 7.5/6.5 respectively in first team matches. And then the really thorough part is: After each Friday's training report I go to the Training - Rest page and praise/critisize anyone whose training performance was above/below 7.5/6.5 respectively. Not only first teamers, but U23's, U18's, youth candidates, anyone.

It works wonders. Morale skyrockets. Feels like an ever strengthening positive spirale, so that within a few weeks most players have near perfect morale and they rub it off on each other.

Feels like cheating as mentioned. I actually considering ditching the whole scheme because it works too well for my taste.

But then I wonder what might be a good scheme if you want to keep morale at realistic levels. Perhaps something like this: Only talk to players when a button appears. For example:
- The one where you sometimes praise the man of the match.
- The ones where you praise the one player who trained the best the past week, and critisize the one player who trained the worst.
- Perhaps also talking to players when an email suggestion pops up, for instance the ones that say, "you should praise/critisize player X's recent form" or the emails who point out certain players who have been training well or poorly, who have raised or dropped their potential, loaned out players who are developing well or poorly etc.

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