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More Clubs Than Tiger Woods!


Oct 4, 2011
This career is really a mix of a challenge/multiplayer/tactic testing experiment.

Using FMC Instant Result I'm looking to take over a few teams on one save, all in the same country and try to excel with each.

I've got the idea from a backup save I have where I 'manage' Everton, Southampton and Norwich. I use all three teams to test a tactic. It gives a fair perspective of a mid-high, mid, and mid-lower team in the Premier League.

So on this career/thread I plan to take over 3 or 4 teams and see how far I can take each.

Using instant result means speed won't be a great issue and I holiday between matches. I might then test a tactic from this forum (either one separate tactic with each team or one tactic with all teams for, say, 6 months or a full season). Ideally I may just continue with the Everton-Southampton-Norwich save (and maybe add a 4th manager) and see if we can ever overthrow the established order in the English Premier League.

Let me know what you think?

And suggest teams and tactics to test.

Here is the final season of the first test I done. Tested my own tactics, Callamity's and TheCodFathers... Started with my own, mid-season with Callamity, end of season with CodFather.



Mar 29, 2013
its a really good idea m8 maybe adding a 4th with 1 of the teams that have come up and see how they do