Jun 19, 2010
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hi there everyone! i recently started a new game with a low portuguese team, and they have very few supporters, (i'm talking about 230) how can i expand them? XD
By winning **** :p

Keep getting promoted and doing well in cups ect. and they will come.
I believe the only way to do this is to get your team winning, going far in the competitions, and having good displays should the board allocate fan days.
Win Win Win! Also play friendlies against bigger teams @ home. If you can get a parent club, do it. I'm at a club that had 300 avg. spectators. Now I have 1,000 avg. Still in the same league though.

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Oh, and I think that maybe talking to the press might help some too. I know once they said that they were expecting a low turnout to my match, shortly after, I talked trash about the opposing manager, and about 100 more people showed up than expected!
Also buying good players.. with high reputation. But this work usually only in high reputation leagues.