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Jan 25, 2013
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I've just noticed I can hire two more assistant manager. Does having more than one have any negative impacts on the squad? Like reducing effectiveness and such? I'm thinking of hiring another one to help with training since the board are refusing to allow me to sign extra coaches and I could do with another coach to help out with my attacking. Figure might as well get an assistant manager to help out since I can't get a coach. Will it have any negative effect?
I think it is a bug.

In one of my saves I have one and two allowed. When I tried to hire a second the board cancelled it saying the team didn't need a second assistant.
You can have 2 but 1 is an U18 Assistant I think
Yeah I just made Drogba my u18's assistant so I could get a striker in, coaches are full...

If you get a quality one in it shouldn't matter. But oftyen his report is what's first.
Afaik, the third spot is for the reserves manager.
There's something off about those maximum/current staff stats. I just checked and mine shows that I'm allowed to hire four reserves managers and I supposedly already have three...

But there's an easy to way check which positions you're allowed to hire: go to the Job Centre and check if everything is greyed out under Place Advert.
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