morton. anybody else tried them

have you ever been any first division team if so who and how did you get on?

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  • clyde

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  • dundee

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  • dunferline

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  • livingston

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  • morton

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  • partick thistle

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  • queen of the south

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  • ross county

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  • sait johnstone

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morton fc

Jun 26, 2009
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just to see if any one else has ever went morton and also to see if anybody else fancies a shot at going them they are in the scottish first division and start with £65,000 transfer budget usually and a wage budget of about £22,000 witch doesnt seem alot but if you can get promoted you will get rewarded off of the board
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i tried st johnstone, got promoted first season, relagated second and then got sacked.
i have never been relegated in any fm game but st johnstone are a good 1st division side
Livi for 5 seasons. :p

Finished first in the first season. Fifth in the SPL second season, third in my third and forth seasons. First in my final season. Then moved to Fulham - who were in the championship at the time, got promoted with them too :).

P.s. you should've made this poll public so we could see the results :)
i know i should have:D
wot was the livi score cos my morton got done 5-0 off of partick thistle and i am just back from the game about 30 minute ago
Yeh, I heard that, ouch.

1-0 Albion. :mad:

We were, quite frankly, *****.
I was Gretna once... Might have been the 08 game. Got promoted, couldn't sign anyone.. So I got bored of getting thrashed =|
Yeah that usually happens or else in 06 or 07 they are always relegated
and most players wanted out so morton were seen as the ideal team so i ended up with loads of gretna players in morton saves but you should try morton out they are a really good team in 09(sadly not in real life after getting thrashed 5-0)
I went morton on my 08 save and got to the spl and couldnt spend anything:p