Mo's 433-heart,brave and passion [13.2.2][v1.0]


Jan 31, 2009
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Mo's 433-heart,brave and passion

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Hi guys,Lets take a look to my brand new tactic which i currently use with WBA in my 3rd season in EPL (best one in the world) . I starded my carrier as a WBA manager and I've been trying to find way to compite against giants like United,City,Arsenal,Chelsea,Tottenham and Liverpool.In my first 2 season I've been experimenting with 4-2-3-1 tactic with Targer man ,but that style just gave my 12th or 13th place on table.

That is not good enough for me becaouse I play FM for many years and i gain some experinate with every FM.I bought FM about 10 days ago because now I'm very busy in college and I have no time to play it,but now is a break till 18.2 and I'm enyoying FM...

Lets back on my tactic.

So,3rd seson is here and I want do change my team style and play effective football and finish up on the table,about 1st or 6th position and go on continental compatiotion.
I found a model of football that mostly natural counter-attacking with solid defence and killer attack.Take back to me...
My manager idols are Sir Alex,Jose Mourinho and IVICA OSIM (japanise and bosnians will know) and i wanted to create tactic close to those geniueses...

I wanted Mo's defence,carisma,mind games and brilliant match control, from Fergie I learn a lot,mostly man and club managment and how to work with young players and from OSIM I learn about football philosophy,brilliant quick football and mostly IVICAs brave and heart.
I remember in one interview Ivica said : „In my team I like to have players who can play a lot of positions on field so I can have multuple choices...“

Back to tactic....

If you imagine those manager as a one person thats me on FM13 (hahahha so self-comfidence)...

Seriusly back to tactic.....

Formation : 4-3-3 (Mo's triangle)


Remember season when Jose came from Porto to Chelsea ? Control,phisicly dominant formation against english standard 442...

tactic pic :

Player needed :

GK: Just found best choice u have
DCL-Stopper,one with aggresion
DCR-Cover,one with pace and acceleration
DM-Anhor man,heart of defence,worrior
MC-This is where this tactic have advantige.You can play every type of CM-s here but remember one MUST go up front and one MUST be on support or defend duty (my suggestion is CM-a and BWMs combination or CMs and BBMs)
AML/AMR- Doesn't matter IF or classic winger till they on ATTACK duty.
ST-Drogba type attacker,you will find it :p

Training :
4 week of pre seson are fitness on general and tactic on match preparation
1 week of tactic on general and match preparation
And when sesason starts put BALL CONTROL on general and everything u whant on math preparation based on your next opp (Home matches att play-away def positing , thats my opinion)

Man managment :
Keep your players happy,they need to trust you to be able to die on pitch for you. Praise them when they won and be aggresive when they lose.

Attend every press conference ! Be calm say that your team can won every game if they stick to the game plan.Another good think to do ist do put pressure on opp manager saying that he have great team,that they can be champions (that is what i do and almost every game my players react well and play well :p)

Transfers :

Always buy players 23 or younger ! That is my philosophy because I manage small team and I wanted to make great team in future !
Always have at least 2 players on each position and 3 goalkeepers !
My opinion is to have 2 DR/L , 3 or 4 CD, 1 DM who can play CM, 4 or CM,4 AMR/L and 2 Strikers
For strikers I sugested one young talent and one old (about 26-30 ) striker who can score when younger does not.

Opp instructions:
Leave to your *** manager

Shouts :
Important !

Use play out of defence on every game !
I personaly use work ball to the box,play through defence.

Tactical advice :

This tactic I would call it tactic set , came with 2 tactics. One is rigid one,Mo's style,and one is Fluid one,again Mo's syle :D
Advice !
For example you are WBA,change closing down on stand off more,decrease tacking in match you are big underdog like against UTD,City....

That my tactic,Set pieces are set and they have big impact in my WBA game.

table :

player stats : (Look at Ocampos)

team stats : (look at conceded goals)


Look at my last six matches ! I lost all of them. Wonder why ?

Because my team talks went wrong,some of my players were unhappy like Pogba (he is my key CM player) so all my team perform bad,and I must say that I had a bad man managment and squad rotation and I'm the only reason for the bad results...

Tactic download :

4-3-3 damir v1.tac

rigid one

4-3-3 damir v2.tac

fluid one

just wait about 10 sec and click on download now !

Please try my tactic and post here,tell me some suggestions advices how to develop tactic and make it brilliant ...
You can ask advice from me and i would give it to you in short period of time !

Cheers ! Damir.

sorry for bad english