May 17, 2013
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Hey all. I'm new to the forum, but a long time FMer.

Recently I've become frustrated at rival clubs picking up gems from abroad/lower league clubs. I regularly send scouts to countries, and restart the assignments every year or so. I always have a scout assigned to each of the top league competitions in Europe and their respective u18/u19/u20s leagues. I feel that unless I go through teams and manually assign scouts to the young players I won't get reports on the better players in Europe.

Would a scout assigned to do a report on a whole club get good scout reports on the young kids at the club? Are there any better ways of making sure rivals sign wonderkids you've never even heard of?

If it helps, I'm Huddersfield, about to start my sixth season, my third in the Premiership. I have 11 scouts total, all of which have 18-20 for their scouting stats. Thanks in advance.
All I can give you is my experience from the lower levels and it is all just doing the leg work. I dont research wonderkid names or anything. But what I do look for is the basics that give me the best chance of having strong investements on young players:

(1) Have a proper scout who can have at least 14/14 in the needed skill recognition.
(2) Make sure you find players that have both the main 2-3 traits of the position + overall quality physical traits. For young players, rely on very strong physical/mental skills. The technique skills come second but should not be ignored.
(3) Always keep an eye out for players who are being given away for free or for very low fees, but with high potential.

As far as keeping rivals from taking them, what I do is buy up young talent being heavily sought after. If I can use them, I usually have them on reserve or as a backup. If they're a top-talent or already established, hopefully I have a spot for them. Sometimes, however, you have to let it go and let them take them.

All that said, do remember you're in the top level. I'm only now finally making my way up to nPower Champions after 5 seasons and a big ole heap of luck thanks to a Sugar Daddy taking over the club and pumping in over 1 million pounds into the club in one year. However, I have done well to research and sign most of my players for 30-60k Pounds per player (save for 1-2 longtime fan favorites I wanted to keep).
Thanks for the tips shalabi. Which team are you playing with?

My main issue is when I'll see in the news section "Man Utd sign "Player" for £2m, I'll look at him and he'll have amazing stats, but I won't have a report on him. He might be Italian, when it's only been 6 weeks since I've finished a scouting assignment there.