Jordan Wedge

May 23, 2012
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As the title suggests, What is your most enjoyable game.
Mine was my Mansfield town game where we went from Blue Square premier to champions league in 8 seasons. But I lost the save :mad:.
my current save with everton, won the champs league in 4th season, brought rooney back and have the likes of destro, adryan, sandro, wellington nem, jordy clasie, and just got ter stegen on a bosman, so my 5th season is looking rosey!
My Fav so far was my wolves one won everything possible with them and had some sweet regens that were tons of fun to mange
My current Sheffield United save. Successive promotions from League 1 to the Premiership. Currently starting my 5th Premiership season having finished 7th, 6th, 9th and 4th in the previous 4. Now about to play OL in the Champions League Play-off to try and qualify for the group stage. Last season was obviously the most enjoyable as I achieved the 4th place finish using a tactic I designed from scratch, the first time I've had any sort of success with a tactic that was totally my own!
This season I have also decided to view whole matches instead of highlights, which is more enjoyable than it sounds as it gives you the chance to actually see how your tactics are working, basically in real time, and to be able to make adjustments. I got tired of watching highlights where you could tell from virtually the first kick which way the match was going.
Southampton, won the quad and had a season with 37wins 0draws 1 loss (away at Man united, 2nd to last game of the season lol), also have some really good regens coming through
Dormund (world domination) & Forest ( getting them back to the glory days)
I have two.

The first is my Scunthorpe United save, took them to back to back promotions to the Premier League, picking up the League Cup and the Paint Pot along the way, with virtually the same team I started with :)

My second is my current England save. Taken them through all World Cup Qualifiers and friendlies, without losing a single game, whilst getting rid of most of the old guard and blooding in new youngsters. Just coming up to the World Cup now, and I'm hoping for a good showing :)

Really loving them both right now, especially the Scunthorpe one as they're my hometown team.
My current St Neots save, won prem 3 times European cup 3 times and producing some quality regens through my youth academy that are England regulars
I always do 1 Arsenal save, and it is almost always my favourite. But that is because I support them, not because it is any achievements dominating the game starting with a big team!

My 2nd favourite is Luton, as that was the my most successful save.
My save with the Brazil national Team. Won back to back world cups in 2022 and 2026 and 3 confederations cups. Went 2 years without defeat with my all-regen team. Sigh, good days.