Sep 3, 2009
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Just thought there should be a thread on this...everyone likes to show off :)
I just finished an incredible season with 145 goals(posted a screenie for you...), which I think is the most I've ever had on FM....anyone got more than that?
I will be very impressed if anyone can get loads with an average team, as my 145 was done with the likes of messi, neymar, aguero etc for city...if its a lower league team, or if you don't conceed much either, I will also be very impressed :)

Oh, if you used the editor or something there isn't much point in posting, as everyone will know and its not that much of an achievement...
So, what's your team goals records?
I got 174 in all competitions in fist season as United
I have played 24 league games and so far i have scored 74 goals. But in all competitions i have scored 97 in 34 games so far.
i got 185 but it was with barcelona and like 8 or so seasons in