Mourinho expects to be outspent

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Aug 23, 2006
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Chelsea boss Jose Mourinho believes Manchester United, Liverpool and Arsenal will spend more than the Blues in the transfer market.

There's actually no way Liverpool would spend more than Chelsea. Rafa is sensible and so are the board and would never pay stupid over inflated prices for players.
Hmmm well I suppose Chelsea already have a big squad anyway and don't really need to buy anyone so I doubt they will spend more than Man Utd...especially seeing as Utd have already spent a shed load.
Nice post.

He's probably right about us, possibly Liverpool and although **** need to buy there hasn't been mnay signs of much activity yet
Well I can't see Liverpool spending more than £30m overall. Even if we did his argument is void because the spending by Man Utd and Chelsea in recent years will still be still alot more than Liverpool or Tottenham.