Mourinho refuses to concede title

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Aug 23, 2006
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Chelsea manager Jose Mourinho insists the Premiership title race is not over despite seeing his side drop points at home to Bolton.

i wouldn't say its over either. we still have to play man utd and they still have to play west ham, who they lost to earlier on in the season with a stronger back four, then they have now. honestly i think it will go down to last game, knowin chelsea they will prob lose againest arsenal,but hey you cant win them all :D ............. or maybe you can hmmmmmmmmmmmm
I hope it doesn't go to the last game. Man Utd have the quality to finish it off but knowing them they will slip up :(
hoping chelsea beat arsenal n city beat scum n then its all on stamford bridge. i dont think its over yet but man utd definite favourites
well of course he doesnt concede the title, its not over yet. But although City have only had the game against us to play for for a long time, if we draw there its virtually over. Hopefully we can win there, and also the Chelsea game is all **** have had to look foward to for a while and hopefully **** will do them there