Jul 9, 2010
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This is a really great striker and he can be used in the first team of Lower Premiership clubs at least. If you have Yaya Sanogo this is his best backup from what I've seen. On my Hajduk game in 13 apps scored 17 goals and he is much better than my backup striker Duje Čop. Unfortunately he is picking up a lot of yellow cards, too much for a striker.

Name: Mousa Maazou
Club: CSKA Moscow
D.O.B: 25.8.1988
Nationality: Nigerian
Position: STC, AMR, MR
Agent: Ludovic Gangolf

Acceleration, Pace, Stamina, Strength

Set Pieces, Concentration, Creativity, Positioning

Description: Striker
Personality: Fairly Ambitious

Suggested Roles:
Play him as Striker - Advanced Forward or Complete Forward​
Here is a screenshot from 2011. Standard is one of his favorite clubs :)
To bad I already have a few poacher style players. I suppose I could offload one and get him though...
i have signed him.

He was signed by bolton in 2012/13 for a fee of 4.1 million pounds and he stayed 2 seasons before i signed him.. This was his stats for the 2 seasons

2012-2013 40(3) apps 31 goals 7 assists
2013-2014 45(6) apps 35 goals 14 assists

Bolton finished 6th in both seasons
They made it to the qtr final of the league in 2012/13 before i beat them and in 2013-2014 they made it to the 2nd knockout round of the Europa league and the league cup final.

I noticed how good he was doing so i snapped him up for 10 million and his stats for the seasons he has been with me

2014-2015 16(17) 12 goals 7 assists
2015-2016 13(14) 14 goals 3 assists
2016-2017 10(5) 13 goals 1 assists (only in jan)

He was signed for back up and he has impressed me. Could do much better if he started every game.
just a correction, me being OCD really, he is from Niger so he is Nigerien not from Nigeria
Dude, could you change the graphical representation of the stats before you post these threads? Just like I change to English before I post.