Moyes Wants Prem to Stop Diving


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Sep 15, 2005
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<img src="" align="right" border="1" />Everton boss David Moyes has called on The Premiership to lead the way in stamping out diving.

The World Cup in Germany was tainted by incidents of simulation and over-reaction displayed by a wide number of the nations.

Moyes has therefore taken an active stance against the practice and wants his players to stand up and be counted in the fight to rid the game of this form of cheating.

"Diving is a global problem and it would be nice if the English Premiership led the battle to drive it out," the manager explained.

"I think we have a responsibility to play the game in the right fashion. I don't want to see my players going down easily and I will be telling them that.

"I am hoping we can make a stand at Everton and say we are going to do things correctly if we can."

Former Fifa referee David Elleray has voiced similar concerns, but feels the game's governing bodies must enforce the laws more stringently to deter the divers.

"Players cheat because they believe they can get away with it," he told The Times.

"It is often impossible for a referee to be certain that a player has been guilty of simulation or exaggeration, but if players knew that their actions would be analysed and punished post-match, they would be less likely to conduct themselves in a sickening fashion."

Video replays have come into the game more and more in recent times, and are already regularly used to clamp down on other forms of misconduct, so Elleray believes that it would be logical that they be used to stop simulation as well.

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I think he is right as something needs to be done about diving now. It actually makes me hate watching football as every few minutes there's a new player flopping over and then actually winning a foul. It's a disgrace. The World Cup was terrible for it (the Holland v Portugal game comes to mind).

In my eyes though the Premiership is probably the top league that has the least cheats which should make it easier to cut it out alltogether. Even last season Man Utd's players have cut out their diving, players such as Ruud and Ronaldo who used to dive a fair bit stopped doing it last season which I was pretty impressed with. That's why I was even more ****** off when Ronaldo was diving every few seconds in the World Cup.

So if the FA or FIFA don't do anything about diving, the mananagers must. As you can clearly see the difference of Ronaldo playing under Sir Alex than when he plays under Scolari. So hopefully managers can sort their players out and get them to stop diving as, personally, it ruins football!
Steven Gerrad does it now so its ok
lol someone actaully said it? I just said it becuase its the English attitude, looks like ive been proved 'wright' (my punz pwn)
Of course diving needs to be stamped out, it's just happening far too often these days. Especially big tough centre backs trying to let the ball go out for a goal kick and then getting brushed by a 5ft striker and falling to the ground.

I say bring back Geoff Winter, he isn't afraid to punish people.

Gregor said:
Steven Gerrad does it now so its ok

No he doesn't why lie! :rolleyes:
It has to be sorted out otherwise football will lose the contact element of the game which is crucial, and refs have to stop giving free kicks for the slightest touches because unless they dont diving will continue. I balme the refs.
refs need to crack down on the divers, and punish them on the spot. then the others players will start to take some notice, and this will hopefully stamp it out, but, probably not.
Henry was bad for it at the world cup. Petrov is the main one in Scotland now that Skacel is away but to be honest it does not happen that much over hear.
Yeah, I think ur right Kris we don't get as much diving here.

But yes diving has to be stoped it ruins the game.
Kris said:
Henry was bad for it at the world cup.

Another good example, he may be an Arsenal player but he rarely dives in the EPL. Obviously the whole vibe of the World Cup made players feel like they could dive and win the free kicks 90% of the time, without getting punished even when the referees did say they dived. Was just shocking.
Kris said:
Henry was bad for it at the world cup. Petrov is the main one in Scotland now that Skacel is away but to be honest it does not happen that much over hear.

Your all very harsh on Petrov and im still saying this now the ****** is despearte to leave us! He was bad 4 years ago and still gets labeled a bad diver.
We all want diving to be stamped out but its really hard to punish during a game without the replays. You don't want to card someone if they are legitimately fouled. Maybe we should have video analysis after the game and then punish them ... prob won't work though.

Feel sorry for CRonaldo he gets typecasted as a diver. lol.
Yeh I think players should be punished by video replay after the game etc... That will be a good way to scare them into playing fairly.