Feb 13, 2011
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Okay, I got Football Manager 2011 and put it into the computer. It installed but at the end said "Error With Installation".

I played the game anyway and had a good session before saving and quitting.
The day after I tried to play again and it wouldn't load. So I thought "Hey, that's the error". I uninstalled it and put it into my other computer.

Every time I try to load it, it says xml parsing error, or something like that. Then it loads. When I go off Football Manager, I get a pop-up saying "Football Manager has stopped working, we must not close the program" when it's already closed.

And recently, whenever I check on Transfer Centre or my National Pool, it crashes. Kaput.

Can anyone identify the problem and help me fix it?
No one is going to help you now, after that..

Ben theres no need to be like that.
Anyways heres the only thing i found that may have a solution for you.
XML Passing Error thread

Hope this helps.

In future if nobody comments just write another comment on the thread and hopefully somebody will take notice. Theres so many threads on this forum that people may not have seen it.
Thanks Steve! And Ben, nobody was helping me anyway, I had nothing to lose. ;) Check that thread out.