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Jan 9, 2011
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Hey guys just want some advice on tatcic.

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i have shared my tactic and team instructions so i dont need to type it all out.


1) Tempo
As you can see its set standard. I want the tempo to be quick at the same time but for the possession to not be wasteful. (of course player mental attributes come in to effect but just need a general setting).

2) Pressing
My pressing is set to press more and the player instructions regarding to this hasnt been changed from the default settings. Shall i lower some players setting for pressing or keep them as they are. I dont want them running around leaving gaps.

3) Creative Freedom
This is set to default since im not sure who's settings to decrease. Was originally thinking of lowering the back fours as well as the bwm's and setting the wingers and the aps to quite high?

Any advice would be grateful

1) As you are playing as Man U, you should have the players to be able to deal with a quick tempo, short passing game, so ok there.

2) You have set a very high defensive line, along with more pressing and playing offside trap. Plus i don't think Man U have the fastest centre backs. This could leave you exposed to pacey forwards getting in behind. I'd take the defensive line back a few clicks.

3) Creative freedom should be fine leaving it on default, so each role's individual setting will take care of that.

4) If you are planning on playing RVP and Rooney up front, I'm not sure playing one of them as an AP support would be best. Perhaps set the striker role to support with an attacking midfielder (attack) or even a Trequartista (RVP) behind that is set to run from deep often?

Hope that helps and good luck :)
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i got rid rooney since he want over 210k a week for wages. no chance id pay that for a player who can just about get off the bench
Ahh, didn't notice you are playing in 2015 - scratch #4 then ;).