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My big break through - A Stade Rennais adventure


Oct 25, 2010

Southern takes over at Stade Rennais

Southern will be the next man to try and bring success to this lovely stadium

Relatively unknown manager Joseph Southern will take the helm at French club, Stade Rennais. Southern's arrival has not been popular with the Stade Rennais faithful as they can't see how someone with no managerial experience can lead them to success in Ligue 1 or the Europa League. However, the other majority of Stade Rennais faithful are willing to give him a chance as the 25 year old is thought to have a bright future within the game.

One spokesperson said 'I am shocked with this appointment. Why? Why appoint someone who doesn't know what they're doing? It's madness at the very least!'

Southern though believes he can bring success to Stade Rennais and all the fans have to do is believe in him.


Interview with Charlotte Jackson

CJ: Hello Joseph. Many fans are unhappy with your appointment, how do you feel ?

JS: I feel fine. I understand where they're coming from but i promise to do my all and try and bring success to this wonderful club.

CJ: You will have next to nothing to spend so how will you look to combat this?

JS: I suppose we will be seeing some departures within the next few days.

CJ: Interesting, so you have any players in mind that you want to sign ?

JS: Yes. I have admired a few players over the last few years but they will have to cost fees which will be a problem.

CJ: Ligue 1 isn't an easy league with the likes of Lyon, Marseille and PSG. Where is a realistic position for you to finish?

JS: Europe. That is my aim and i will try and fulfill that aim.

CJ: Thank you for your time and good look with your new job.

JS: Thanks.

*My other story save corrupted so i restarted*



Oct 25, 2010

I woke with a sore head. I think i did a little too much drinking for my own good last night, but i didn't care. I was now an official football manager. I never managed the big 'break through' as a player and my career was ended at the young age of 20 due to injury. Was this why i preffered to let the youth players play? To get them a big break through? I didn't know. It would be my first day with the team. I would finally get to meet the players and see who needed to be sold and the improvements that needed making. Just when i joined the club they had already made one new signing. A brazilian midfielder by the name of Pinga. I hads heard good things about him so i wanted to see what he was like. I was also told they were in the middle of a deal for Mahamadou Diarra, a former Real Madrid player, aged 30. I had seen him play once or twice and i was happy that we was signing such an inspirational character and techically gifted footballer. The only problem with the two signings is that the wage budget is £270,000 and the allowed budget is £250,000. I had no transfer budget either so i would have to have a clearout of dead wood and players who i don't think make the cut. I made note of the players who i didn't want in my team and gave them to the chairman to see if he could move them on and within a couple of hours he had already agreed deals with other clubs for them all. This was great news. I knew two players who i'd wish to sign already. Jelle Vossen and Kevin De Bruyne. I told the chairman and he nodded. was this a good nod or a bad nod? Was i clutching at straws thinking it would all be rosy being a football manager? I am begginig to think i was. It will no doubt be a challange, but a challange i am willing to overcome.

I arrived at home and opened a bottle of beer when the phone rang. I answered. It was a scout.

'Hello, Mr.Southern?'
'Yes?' i answered
'I am hearing great things about two teenage boys who play for Chivas. Would you be willing to come with me and scout them tomorrow evening?'

'Yeah sure thing. Who are they by the way?' i said excitedly
'Erick Torres and Carlos Fierro.' he replied
'Oh okay. Lets hope he's better than Fernando Torres hey?'
'Yes' he chuckled

I put the phone down. The next day arrived and i flew from France to Mexico accordingly. I was excited by the prospect of observing two young upcoming players and possibly getting them a deal and a hot at the big time. First up was Carlos Fierro. A 17 year old. It was only training but my word was he good. I think in a half an hour game he scored about 7. He was great and so young. I told my scout that i would definately put a bid in when he tod me there's no need. All i need to do is approach him as he is on a youth contract and for just £1.25m in compensation he would be ours by thwe 23rd July 2012. Next up was Erick Torres. An 18 year old who had been attracting the likes of Chelsea, Arsenal and Lyon. I felt truly humbled when he came over and welcomed me. He was already in my good books. He scored about 5 in a slightly shorter match than Fierro's but Torres was playing in the first team whereas Fierro is with the under 20's. I rang the chairman and he offered Chivas £4m for Torres depending on outgoings. £2m straight up and £2m over 48 month. I arrived back at home around 5am the next morning and collapsed on my sofa and went to sleep.


Oct 25, 2010

Southern has busy first month in management​

Joseph Southern has only been at Stade Rennais for one month but he has already managed three games, signed 11 players and sold 6. Southern indicated that changes will be made after he joined Stade Rennais and he has well and truly backed up his words.

Transfers Out

Youssouf Hadji - Vitesse - £2.9m
Julien Feret - Wolfsburg - £3.3m
Jires Embo-Ekoko - PSG - £2.5m
Vincent Pajot - Havre - Loan
Georges Mandjeck - Villereal - £3.1m
Razak Boukari - Arsenal - £3.5m

Transfers In

Erick Torres - Chivas - £4m
Lomana LuaLua - Free
Adam Vass - Brescia - £1m
Marco Verratti - Pescara - £1.8m
Kevin De Bruyne - Genk - £1.5m
Daniele Lugani - Empoli - £1.5m
Luis Guilherme - Botafogo - £1.5m
Carlos Fierro - Chiva - Free (£1.3m compensation) (Joins 24/7/12)
Muhammed Dimirci - £1.5m (Joins 3/1/13)
Jelle Vossen - Genk - £2m

Pre season results

Estudiantos Tecos 0-3 Stade Rennais (Montano x3)
Stade Rennais 5-0 Chattieu-Thierry (Torres x2, Mavinga, Montano, Mangane)