My Board Sell My Best Player Without Asking Me


Jan 22, 2011
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i got a problem whit the board the sell my best player whitout asking me :(, what can i do to hold my player and sell them when i whant to, without the board deciding to sell my players.
Nothing you can really do if they feel it's too good to turn down, offer him a new deal is all I can think of.
Minimum fee release clause on persons contract.
Ive heard that if you go to the transfer centre and you go to him and click reject that works although im not 100% sure
The better your finances the less the baord would do this or the more moeny they would ask before doing so.
I can't find it but search around, someone made a thread on how to prevent the board from selling a player.
Try setting asking price to 0, then when the first offer comes in, reject it and set to "Reject same or lower offers". Works for me...
I'm assuming you're a really small club with pretty much no money? Unfortunately, it's just part of the game. As others have said, if your finances are bad you're always going to be at risk of that happening. Staying in your budget and not setting ridiculous bonuses tends to ensure your board leave you to handle all transfers, though.

What I'd suggest is you put an asking price on all of your top players, something that might scare off the clubs sniffing around. I tend to put an asking price of about £500,000 on my players if I'm in LG2 or below, which normally does the job. However, if an offer comes in for that kind of money when the player is worth £30,000 or something I take the money. You can completely rebuild a side and still have a few quid left in the bank; but then, I do always tend to start in the Blue Square Premier or below. If you're flying high at the top of League One and the board sell your main goalscorer, I can see how that might stick in your craw!
Thats just the way it is, part of the challenge of managing in the LLM, the only way u can prevent this from happening in the long-term is to make sure your club finances are positive throughout