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Feb 10, 2009
Yeh I am goona try it. I got the kilmarnock job half a season in and have turned them into an unstoppable force in the SPL and lie 4th when i took over they were bottom >


Jul 18, 2009
As you may know I have taken up the job at NEWI Cefn Druids and after a dismal last season i decided to wipe out all of the staff and most of the players. I signed a number of backroom staff and a lot of experience through-out the team.
Pre-season went really badly only managing 1 goal and loosing all 5 of my friendlies, which were only created to boost finances.
I sorted out some tactics and went into the season confident.
First months results:
TNS 4 - 1 NEWI Cefn Druids
NEWI Cefn Druids 0 - 1 Connahs Quay
Carmarthen 1 - 3 NEWI Cefn Druids

I am currently lying in 13th place after only 3 matches out of 18 teams. I know it is early season but i am 1 place ahead of where they managed to finish last year and I am predicted 15th, so I will be pleased to acheive this position, preferably higher :)

Sorry about short posts will produce bigger ones with more detail next month but I did write full detailed ones but deleted them accidently :(

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Another month in charge of Cefn having two games in the Welsh Premier League Cup and 3 in the league. This is how they went:

WPLC - Prestatyn 0 - 3 NEWI Cefn Druids
Our team over performed on the day and clinched an impressive away win thanks to Ramon calliste who bagged his first goals of the season managing all three.

WPL - NEWI Cefn Druids 0 - 1 Porthmadog
A very every match but we left empty handed as on the 78th minute Porthmadog managed to get a goal. Drab match overall.

WPLC - NEWI Cefn Druids 0 - 0 Connahs Quay
This again was a pretty dismal match but again a very much even game, which is promising as it may mean the team are starting to gel.

WPL - Neath 1 - 1 NEWI Cefn Druids
I am pleased at this match seems we were not favourites to win and it was away from our home pitch. Neath opened the scoring on the hour mark just for a Neath defender to take down Leah in the box and John Hunt to cooley slot home the penalty.

WPL NEWI Cefn Druids 0 - 1 Rhyl
I am actually pretty pleased with this match as Rhyl are one of the favourites to take the league this year, however they are far from that at the moment. The only goal coming in Rhyls favour after just half an hour. We managed to hold out the rest of the game creating the odd chance here and there, the closest we came was a Ramon Calliste shot that bounced down off the bar and the rebound was scrambled away.

So a better month not getting hammered in any match and only loosing the lost matches by one goal. Sitting top of the Welsh Premier League Cup with 4 points and a goal difference of +3. Managing only 14th place in the league, which is above my predicted 15th :). So far this season we have not been able to field our best team as we have been riddled with injuries, Miller, Stevens and Dimitrov being out for a couple of months :(. Most pleasing thing of the month other than Callistes hat-rick was the fine form of John Hunt the energetic central midfielder managing above a rating of 7 in nearly all matches so far.
Will update again soon :)

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Another month has gone by, with a lot more matches played.

welsh cup - NEWI Cefn Druids 2 - 0 Welshpool
A good solid performance and my team is starting to perform in the manner i asked them to. Too the lead on the 21st minute with the former TNS player John Leah headed from close range. the lead was doubled after half time when Hemmings stretched for the ball and poked it home, injuring himself in the process must have over stretched. The match finished this way however with Ramon Calliste twice hitting the woodwork it could have been so much better :)

Welsh Premier League Cup Group Stage - NEWI Cefn Druids 1 - 1 Prestatyn
With my side totally dominating the game I felt a little hard done to when prestatyn took the lead with 10 minutes to go. We fought back and scored on the 88th minute thanks to winger Stevens. I did feel we should have won the game but this was enough to leave me top of the group.

Welsh Premier League Cup Group Stage - Connahs Quay 1 - 1 Cefn Druids
With Connahs Quay giving as good as they get we struggled to hold on untill half time but we did. A substitution was made Hemmings coming off for Nixon, whos impact was immanent with a headed goal straight after half time. Despite this lucky break we were still on the back foot and Connahs Quay finally got their deserved goal on the 89th minute. It finished this way and Cefn Druids were through to the knock out stage of the cup leaving Prestatyn and Connahs Quay behind :)

Welsh Premier League - NEWI Cefn Druids 3 - 1 Port Talbot
A well deserved win, when a player taht is showing a lot of potential (Stevens) scored on the 20th minute. Wel held a deserved win up untill a minute untill half time when Port Talbot managed to score and make it 1-1 at the break. We came out the stronger and after setting Calliste's half time team talk to 'no pressure' it seemed to pay off when he hit home just after the break. The game didn't finish there when Miller rifled a free kick from all of 25 yards into the top corner of the net.

Welsh Premier League - Newtown 3 - 1 NEWI Cefn Druids
Oh how luck can change. We were on the end of a battering in this match. Newtown managed three goals coming in the 18th minute, 47th minute and 68th minute. For us to get a goal was a blessing and not at all deserved but we did and Ramon Calliste helped himself to a goal on the 78th minute.

Welsh Premier League Cup Quater Final - TNS 0 - 2 NEWI Cefn Druids
I was truly expecting a thrashing after the last dismal performance. The performance however didn't particularly improve being on the back foot through-out the game. We some how managed to create two chances and finished off them both with Calliste after half an hour and Stevens wrapping things up on the 83rd minute. I don't care about the performance we have reached the semi's vs. Newtown in two legs and we beat the might Ness :)

Welsh Cup - Kerry (WAL) 1 - 0 NEWI Cefn Druids
With the morale at camp high I made a few changes expecting victory however we did not deliver that. I would say we were the better team but could not manage to score unlike Kerry (WAL) and then took the win off of us. I am not to disappointed though after the performances in the other cup.

So a pretty decent month and i hope to follow that on. Another update soon :)

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This update is for the last two months.

First Month

Welsh Premier League - NEWI Cefn Druids 0 - 1 Aberystwyth
Struggling for points in the league we couldn't find any here either. We did however push Aber to their limits and in the first 5 minutes John Leah came close with a header that bounced back off the bar. Aberystwyth fought back and hit the woodwork themselves in the 25th minute. It was a pretty even match and the first and only goal came in the 85th minute when Nathan D'Laryea rose above all from a corner to header home for Aber. I feel slighty unlucky to not come away with a point.

Welsh Premier League - Llanelli 2 - 1 NEWI Cefn Druids
I felt really hard done by in this match having held the lead right from the 25th minute when midfield sensation John Hunt knocked the ball into an empty net up untill the 81st minute when Llanelli grabbed two late goals in 3 minutes to take the points. Totally unfair result to be honest.

Welsh Premier League Cup 1st Leg Semi Final - NEWI Cefn Druids 1 - 2 Newtown
My team just didnt show up at all an were lucky wit the goal and yet again it was John Hunt who provided us with the goal just after the hour mark.

Welsh Premier League - Caernarfon 1 - 1 NEWI Cefn Druids
An evenly matched game but things started brilliantly when John Hunt handed us a lead to hold onto in just the 2nd minute. We couldn't as usual hold onto the lead and it was one a piece 5 minutes before half time, no real action in the second half and this was the final score.

Welsh Premier League - NEWI Cefn Druids 2 - 3 Llangefni
A scoreline taht doesnt really boast Llangefni's play. We were totally dominated and should have lost by a lot more. Our goal coming from Calliste after a great cross from Howard and Canadian centre back Aaron Steele.

Welsh Premier League Cup 2nd Leg Semi Final - Newtown 2 - 0 NEWI Cefn Druids
I think my team had done all they could do and i accepted that as under last years manager they didn't even get a point in the group stages so I have managed to do considerably better, I am proud of the boys for doing this well :)

Welsh Premier League - NEWI Cefn Druids 2 - 2 Prestatyn
A great start with Calliste managing to tackle the dodgy keeper and slot the ball into an empty net.
We were pegged back however 6 minutes later as we have a massive whole in teh defence lately and it is inevitable that we concede every game. We did however manage to regain the lead in the 43rd minute when Aaron Steele got on the end of a corner to blast the ball into the back of the net. I feel we deserved to win this and again another dodgy defending performance saw Prestatyn grab an undeserved goal 2 minutes from time.

Month two

Welsh Premier League - Welshpool 2 - 2 NEWI Cefn Druids
Another 2 - 2 draw but this time w did not deserve it. they took 20 minutes to break the deadlock and then jsut ebfore half time scored another to make it 2-0 at the break. Just after the hour mark a cross from Hemmings lobbed the keeper and went in which was the luck we needed , Bobi Dimitrov who had been out for 5 months scored his first goal after coming back from injury.

Welsh Premier League - Afan Lido 0 - 1 NEWI Cefn Druids
We actually managed to win, although yet again undeserved. For this game i decided to revert back to the common 4-4-2 (more attacking at home and more defensive away). The onlt goal coming from a penalty which John Hunt cooley converted. I thought it would be best to take off a striker and put on fifth defender. Although shortly after one of my defenders got sent off. I am happy we got the desperately needed points.

Welsh Premier League - NEWI Cefn Druids 0 - 2 Haverfordwest
Looks like the win had taken it all out of us as we didnt show up. Haverfordwest cruised the game and a 2-0 score line will please NEWI Cefn Druids fans as it could have so easily been so much more.

Welsh Premier League - NEWI Cefn Druids 0 - 1 Bangor City
Again we might aswell have not been there. It only took Bangor a few minutes to start creating chances and untill teh 33rd minute to convert a chance which came from a corner. Second half we did show a bit of heart to fight back and we were rewarded with a penalty in the 92nd minute, which Bobi Dimitrov missed "/ If only John Hunt was fit it would have been in :(

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Another month has gone buy in the Welsh Premier League.
This time no cup games as I have been knocked out of all.
As it is January i have changed my team a little,
Aaron Steele and Johnny Nixon have both left the club for a different style of football
and Elliot Carter on a free transfer and Matthew Rees from Port Talbot have joined the club.

Welsh Premier League - NEWI Cefn Druids 0 - 1 TNS
Not such a bad result against table toppers TNS we did manage to create some chances but I would say a fair scoreline.

Welsh Premier League - Connahs Quay 2 - 2 NEWI Cefn Druids
An action packed game with them dominating the first half and us the second. It was 1-0 to Connahs Quay come half time and a little chat soon changed things. My team ran out and on the 65th minute Dimitov smashed home from close range and just 12 minutes later young Gould got on the end of a rebound off the post to make it 2-1. 5 minutes later we were caught on the break and the game finished 2-2.

Welsh Premier League - Porthmadog 3 - 1 NEWI Cefn Druids
It was a real drab match for us after just half an hour we found ourselves 2-0 down. Half time and things changed as Elliot Carter scored a header on his debut, but the come back was not to be as Porthmadog buried the game in the 69th minute.

Welsh Premier League - NEWI Cefn Druids 3 - 1 Neath
A good win against last placed Neath, although they did take the lead after just 5 minutes. We did manage to fight back after John Hunt missed a penalty (he hit the post) when Hemmings met a cross by Howard to head home, again Howard the provider from a corner when Calliste smached the ball past the keeper and John Hunt redeemed himself when he beautifully finished a shot from outside the area.

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Sittin in our predicted 15th place and not to many points ahead of last place I feel a few points are needed, my main goal now is to avoid relagation for this season.

Welsh Premier League - Rhyl 2 - 0 NEWI Cefn Druids
Another defeat to add to our poor away performances, although the play wasn't to bad as we did create our own chances in the second half just couldn't finish them.

Welsh Premier League - NEWI Cefn Druids 3 - 1 Caernarfon
An impressive start and a goal coming minutes before half time when Bobi Dimitrov netted a much needed goal for both him and the club. We were then awarded a penalty on the stroke of half time, but unfortunately John Hunt smashed it straight at the keeper. Straight after the restart Caernarfon were awarded a free kick and it was blasted into our net, 1-1. Bobi Dimitrov this time turned provider for John Leah to head in from close range. The brilliant Dimitrov then grabbed himself a second with ten minutes to go.

Welsh Premier League - Port Talbot 1 - 0 NEWI Cefn Druids
Not too much to say a pretty dull match although i do feel pretty let down to have lost an evenly fought match, with the only goal coming straight after half time.

Welsh Premier League - NEWI Cefn Druids 5 - 0 Newtown
A much needed win as Newtown sat many points ahead of us but yet just one place ahead. I feel the scoreline could have also been a lot greater as we dominated the game. I am very happy with the boys as they dug deep to play the whole game with determination. We did have a few injuries during the match, Bobi Dimitrov got injured as did Justin Miller. The goals coming from:
John Leah
John Hunt x2 screamers
Ramon Calliste
Elliot Carter
A good month in all with 6 points from a possible 12 and relatively safe now, 8 points out of the relagation places :)
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Apr 14, 2009
Well I've never played in the Welsh leagues, so wouldn't know what teams should be finishing where lol, but you seem to be doing well, I would say your 5-0 win against Newtown is maybe your best result of the season? Keep it up dude, I just started a game with Swindon and brought in some very good loan players such as Subotic and Mutombo both from Portsmouth, and Merida and Lansbury from Arsenal, also got Soley for free, quality signing and I hope I can get into the play offs, although top half would be good for us :) Good luck with your game mate.


Jul 18, 2009
Cheers you too :)
Yeah it was the ebst result, I can't get parent clubs

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Well my last two months:

Welsh Premier League - Aberystwyth 3 - 1 NEWI Cefn Druids
Aber got the run of luck as a cross went into the back of our net. Then poor defending lead to a second goal before half time. Although Just before half time we did manage a goal with top scorer John Hunt scoring a half volley from the edge of the area. In the 77th minute the game was over, 3-1.

Welsh Premier League - Newi Cefn Druids 0 - 1 Llanelli
A poor game and this miserable performance topped off with a mistake by goalkeep legzdins to allow Llanelli an 80th minute goal.

Welsh Premier League - Llangefni 2 - 0 NEWI Cefn Druids
A poor performance although it did take them untill the 81st minute to score and the 86th to bury the game. Poor defending.

Welsh Premier League - Prestatyn 2 - 0 NEWI Cefn Druids
Our half time sub lost the ball to give Prestatyn a 1-0 lead after 73 minutes. Another absolute shocking defensive performance and 5 minutes later it was two.

Welsh Premier League - Bangor City 3 - 1 NEWI Cefn Druids
Scrappy defending and goalkeeping allowed Bangor to score in the 10th minute. Awful performance and 2-0 before half time. Bangor were awarded a penalty in the 73rd minute taht rebounded off the post straight to the Bangor striker Warren Mcbean to complete his hatrick. John Hunt did get on the scoresheet in the last minute when he smashed the ball almost in frustration into the top corner of the opposing net.

Welsh Premier League - NEWI Cefn Druids 1 - 0 Afan Lido
A good performance overall with an early goal coming from the eventual man of the match Stevens. This match gave me enough points to avoid relagation for this year and with two games left :)

Welsh Premier League - NEWI Cefn Druids 1 - 0 Welshpool
We totally dominated in all areas of the pitch and the evetual match winner coming from Hemmings in the 72nd minute. The scoreline doesn't totally flatter us.

Welsh Premier League - Haverfordwest 2 - 1 NEWI Cefn Druids
Back to our usual self and it took the opposition half an hour to score. We did bounce back on the 69th minute with Bobi Dimitrov adding to his seasons total. Although our hopes of ending the season on a high were short-lived when in the 86th minute Haverfordwest grabbed a winner :(

We have managed to stay up :)
I will be bringing in a few new players not to many next year and a couple of backroom staff. New update coming after pre-season.