My challenge i set myself.


Oct 1, 2011
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I got bored of managing clubs everyone had heard of and so looked in the Conference sides and wasn't interested in them so I looked in the conference North and decided I was going to pick a club that was meant to struggle. I picked Blyth and after 2 seasons I got them promoted to the conference national. I signed a few free players the best one was Darren Proctor and I got Lee Camp on a freebie the year I got promoted. They have a assistant manager called Graham Fenton who is old but if you play him as a striker he can score lots of goals in my first season he got a goal every second game. The other decent players they have are alex gildea and one of the right backs. I then got blyth promoted to league two in the first season and then after a bit of free transfers I got them upto League one the next season they went back down.

After that I got sacked and got snapped up by Rochdale where I was for 10 years and got some decent players free who are now playing in the premier league in my game and have been called up. I got Rochdale to the playoff where they lost and we won the FA trophy. I was trying to build a decent team but it was hard as every time I got a decent player the big clubs would take them. After Rochdale I moved to Sheffield United and got them in the Premier League had lined up decent transfers from Barcelona had Fabregas playing for them and after 10 games was sacked.

I am now managing Wrexham trying to get them to League one and as high up as I can.

The challenge I set myself is to manage a non league club and stay there as long as you can and see what league you can get them to. Can you beat my one so far of getting to league one and then managing England Under 19s?

My next challenge is to set up a game with England Spain and Italy and start in the bottom league in either Spain or Italy and see how far I can get there.