My Chemical Romance


Dec 20, 2009
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Does anybody listen to the new album (Dancger Days)? If so, whats your fave song on it and what do you prefer this style or the old style (Black Parade, Three cheers for sweet revenge)
I like their new stuff better now coz I like indie and rock a lot more now:) But Helena, Teenagers and Welcome To the Black Parade were brilliant:D
i liked 'honey, this mirror isnt big enough for the both of us' a few years ago, but they went downhill from there.
Their older stuff is a lot better IMO. I can't really get into "Danger Days" like I was able to with Three Cheers and The Black Parade.
I brought the new CD today, its no way near as good as the older stuff (i like that sort of music (senses fail is another band i like)) some of it has a good melody like bulletproof heart but its too pop like for me :(
I used to like them when I was younger. Famous Last Words was always my favourite.