Which nation should I manage in?

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Dec 3, 2011
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The aim is to take a club in the bottom division to the top league and winning as many cup competition as possible. As well as this I have to take the nation to number one in the rankings and win cup competitions.

So which nation should I use?
being indonesian and all i thought it would be interesting to see a story on them and to actually see them do well. BTW they are useless so should be a challenge to get them to the top ;)
Ireland are winning, need a few more votes before I decide.
If you choose Ireland, Athlone Town would be a good choice if they are Irish (might have made a huge mistake) as another goal would be to beat AC Milan as they drew 0-0 with them and missed a pen if I recall
1 hour to go and Croatia and Ireland are drawing on 6, need a few more votes!

Republic Ireland and Wexford Youth

So I have decided to use Wexford Youth which is in the Irish First Division. The club was established in 2007 and is nicknamed the youths. Out of the clubs in the First Division they have got slightly better training facilities and youth facilities. Hopefully I can take them up!

I am also managing Republic Ireland where I hope to challenge in the World Cup and improve the national team's ranking.
Wexford 1 v 1 UCD
Wexford 0 v 2 Bray Wanderers
Wexford 0 v 2 Cork City
Wexford 0 v 3 Shamrock Rovers

"No wins in pre-season, but to be fair all these teams are in the division above. Hopefully can sign a decent striker and work on stopping conceding late goals!"

Cillian O'Connor - free
Mick Clarke - free
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"O'Connor will provide us with the firepower up front and Clarke was brought in as a replacement for Nolan who left due to his contract expiring."

Shane Nolan