My Club, Wigan, is losing money fast. Why is it?


Jun 2, 2013
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Im on 2016, My finances is always recording loss, last season my total loss is 5m, but now, only in march, i already lost 16m. I got a 20m transfer budget and a 700k free payroll. Why am i losing money? cant understand.

I also noticed that my transfer revenue is down to 90%, but now talked to the board to return it to 100%. Im building Youth And Training Facilities now. The board said that they expect to lose more money in the coming months?

will my budget and payroll will shrink next season as the board will take it? i dont want that, im saving my budget to do a big signing this summer, im currently 3rd in EPL( 8 games remaining, surprising really, last season was 6th), Runner up in Capital One, 5th round of FA cup, now on the verge of losing in 2nd round of Euro Cup(is that Europa League?)... Will prizes in the end of the season will cope the loss? Should i sell my players and minimize my wages?

Sidenote: After winning the league 4 in a row, Real Madrid on 8th place, ronaldo ozil maria wants to leave, khedira pepe already left.
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I think with the prize money you'll be fine, but i wouldn't be giving anyone ridiculous wages. I'd also sell dead wood
I hope the money will cope, i recorded 7m loss last month...****!!!...

My stadium is small, and it doesnt give enough revenue i think. My wages are huge for a team like wigan now, is that the thing?
Any deadwood you can get rid of? I try and keep backup/rotation players on low wages, I generally go for young rotation/backup as older ones demand higher wages. Keeping a young reserves will help you as you can often sell them for more than you buy them and save a fortune in wages!
Ok, i managed to 2nd place in EPL, won me around 28m i think, that cope quite well, but still at loss. And my board just upgraded my youth and training facilities again for 8.5m? what does it mean? are we in a good financial position? we keep losing money everymonth!... What i want is to expand to ground.

This is my finances..

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These are the contracts.. Gustavo and tevez already arranged their transfer. Tachidis, i got offers on him, ill maximize the money ill get from him, i got offers of 12m now.

Obiang will probably sold at 25m(30% sell on next sale) to PSG, just waiting others clubs (12 interested) to offer.
Byram will be sold, as he want 40k wage as a backup, i have a regen better than him only at 5k. Also Willeams, same as byram.

Berbatov, im torn with him, he played quite well, and i need a DLF, he's expiring, and when i offer him a contract, he wants 45k(12k appearance).. He's such a good tutor, do i need to keep him?..If i keep Berbatov, should i offload Doumbia? He's on low wage, a good back up at either poacher and DLF, but he's old, and i can get like 15m off him.

Im thinking buying a young DLF, as my regen is too young, 15 yrs old. Like fierro or raul alonzo.. I want Jovetic, as he is one of my fave player, but he's on ManCity, and they keep winning Champions Cup, so it would be hard to get him.

My incoming new players will be at 250-300k per week.. it does cancel out those contract im ridding off. >_<..

Im planning to buy a good American player as i have Sporting Kansas as my Feeder club for merchandise.

PS... I just love this forum.. i love the people..LOL

EDIT: Berba is retiring, now im lost.
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Have a look at your Expenditure and Income tabs on the Finances screen. Where does all your money go? Where does it all come from?

Have you bought any / many players for a monthly fee rather than just a single up front payment? That will eat away at your monthly outgoings.

How many big earners do you have at the club - not just the weekly wage but also things like appearance fees and so on. That will add up as well.

What bank loans do you have? They will require significant monthly repayments.

Now compare all of that to your income and you will start to get a picture of were your losses originate.

Remember, you are Wigan not Man Utd. You have a small stadium with relatively low sponsorship and TV income - unless you are reaching the latter stages of the Champions League every season your finances will suffer - especially if you are paying players 250k per week.
Ok, what i am seeing is i'd paid

58m salaries
11m Bonuses
15m Loyalty (wow, huge)
15m AgentFee

Others are not in my control. total of 220m. And my income is 213m, only 7m differential, but in my future projection, it said ill lose around 40m..

I got 80m transfer Budget and 800k free payroll.. is there a way to give this money to the club? as i'll only spend around 20m this summer.

I already sold my highest earners, and gain alot money from them.

I have 0 payments in loan repayment. is that the bank loan?
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I think with teams like that, you can't really afford a reserve side. I would loan anyone not near the 1st time on 100% wages.

You can also sell people and re-coup the money in installments, £5m over 24 months, this should help the cashflow.
your turn over is £242million and exspenditure is £320million....their is your problem your using more money than what your bring in id lower wages and sell people who are on big wages (60-100k) if you have any unless there scoring for fun sell bigish wages who aint getting alot of games and bring in youths instead and dont spend more than 10mil a year in transfer windows for 2 seasons or so then your club will earn money for a year or 2 then your club will be in a better fiancal place :)
Generally most clubs, especially the top teams, will lose money each month. They then make this back up at the end of the season and the start of the new one, predominantly in TV rights and prize money. It takes a long time and a lot of careful consideration when trying to make your club turn profit each month, and maybe isn't as big a deal as you think. Clearly, if the club are still giving you big budgets and upgrading the facilities, then you don't need to worry about anything. Obviously be careful with how much you are spending on players and their wages, buying young and selling later for a big profit etc. All these kind of things are just common sense.

The bottom line is that you cannot make a club profitable overnight, and unfortunately a lot of those more detailed aspects of your balance sheets are out of your control. My advice would be use your common sense when signing and selling players, and most importantly keep winning. Success brings money, and money brings success and so on...
I was fool, i though the budget and payroll are seperate money of the club.
Im opted to sold my deadwoods via 24-48 months now, rather than straight up.

I have a lot of youths, i have around 4 awesome strikers, they are now rated 5m each, but still under 20. Should i sell them already? or wait for them to skyrocket their values?.. i also have tons of Center backs, youth center backs are easy to find in this game i think. DLF material striker are hard to find.

i got a 70m tv rights, though i think it will be paid over the season. My board, then again, upgrade my facility, which is the stadium, they are making it bigger costs around 10m i think, dont know what this board is doing, but were losing money, just hope gate reciepts will cope it.

My summer spending was 70m, though i sold around 120m of players. And considerably decreased my wage by 200k per week.

. Also, i loan 2 backup in my wingbacks position, i have youths for it and they are the 2nd choice, but i still lack depth on it, so i loaned 2, both for 0% wage. Also loan a striker for tutoring purpose.

I hope fm 2014 will have an option to give unused transfer budget to the club, as my projection now is losing 40m.

I just hope i'll qualified this season again in Champions league, got whoop by ManCity in 1st game away, 4-0..LOL
My Club was taken over by a local businessman with 154m, i searched the net and found some answers, but will it help the loss my club is making?..
As a general rule of thumb your player wages on expenditure should be close to gate receipts on income
Last season wage was 58m, gate reciepts was 8m.. That is 700% more.. LOL.. though i got nice TV revenue at 88m and prize money of 35m.. Was being taken over will at least help my clubs losing money?..

I think the one who take over is not that rich.
I have the same problem mate the difference is I'm st Neots in prem and although I have won prem and champs league loads my stadium capacity is only 12,500 and it really lets me down so like you I have to rely on prize money! The best thing to do is restrict your wages say a figure like 50k a week and don't let a player have more than that
That sucks, though my stadium is already at 22500 seater( will be 27000 at the end of the year), i still got small revenue from gate reciepts. I cant restrict them to 50k, thats too low, im challenging for champions league next season again, and maybe win a capital one or fa cup this year. I'll monitor the finances more now