My discovery !!!! Would like feedback ? Liam macdevitt

Jun 27, 2013
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Hello all !!! I play football manager on the iPad! I have been playing not stop since it came out. I was struggling to win games. I looked on several hints and tips. My friend told me (who is a massive Yeovil fan) that Liam Macdevitt somehow managed to generate assists from corners and free kicks despite low stats. I was desperate for results so for a 100k I had not much to lose. I put his training regime on intense to see if I could raise his dreadful stats. But after putting him on corners on free kicks I would say he will generate a goal in 3/4 corners. I do not know whether this is average but I couldn't believe such a poor player could get so many assists in the premier league. I then went on to follow him on twitter @liam_macdevitt to ask him if he had found out this out himself as he is bound to play him self (I would). But I have not got a reply. I would love someone else to see if it works or whether I am jut getting lucky...