My Favorite Wonderkids - Mid/Top Table Premier League


Oct 8, 2010
This is a short list of Wonderkids/Young talents that work well for mid/top table Premier League teams like Tottenham/Everton/Arsenal Etc.
Ive made this list with a few things in mind:
* Price
* Wage Demands
* Performances

* Future Value/Re-sale Potential
Bare in mind that every game is different. Most players dont have a fixed potential, so i always recommend having a good scout and scouting every player you plan on buying, even if he was good on your previous game.
Also note that the agents are random every time aswell.

GK: Marc Andr? Ter Stegen; Perhaps the best goalkeeper apart from Neuer and Courtois. And one of the few good keepers you'll realisticly be able to sign.
Note: I recommend signing him on a free transfer when his initial contract with Gladbach expires. Expect competition from Barcelona/Bayern Munich.

GK: Maxym Koval / John Ruddy; Usually my picks if Ter Stegen is unavailable for whatever reason. Both decent, they both improve, and they are both cheap.
Note: Ruddy is available for 4-5m first season and improves quite alot. A bargain for sure.

DR: Gino Peruzzi; Hands down the best right back in the game. He will cost you between 20-35m but he's worth every penny as far as im concerned. Pure class.

DR: Mattia De Sciglio / Nathaniel Clyne; Both very good right backs. De Sciglio has a tendency of being overpriced though.

DL: Luke Shaw; My favorite left back. He puts in work every game. He can cost you alot though, so other options might be better at times.

DL: Alex Grimaldo / Jonathan Silva / Alex Telles; On a budget? Buy Silva. Defensively solid left back with good physical stats.
Couple seasons into the game Alex Grimaldo blossoms, and might very well be the best left back in the game offensively.
Alex Telles is a solid offensive left back for 10-15m second summer transfer window.
Note: Jonathan Silva should be available for around 3-4m first season. Definate bargain.

DC: Doria; He's available for around 9-10m usually, and can hold down his position even in big clubs. My favorite centre back perhaps.
Note: Make sure you buy him first season, along with offering him a half decent contract. If not he'll end up in Benfica.

DC: Raphael Varane / Mattias Ginter; Neither are the fastest centre backs. But they both have heaps of ability, with very solid mental attributes. Varane will run you atleast 20m cost. Ginter about 6-9m.
Note: Ginter is very versatile and can play holding midfielder very well also. Definately one of my favorite players to buy.

DMC: Lars Bender; One of the best defensive midfielders you'll find. And he only cost 15-20m. If you don't have time to wait for youngsters to develop, this is definately a solid purchase.

DMC: Mario Pugliese / Sergi Samper / Rani Khedira; Want a young defensive midfielder? Take your pick. They're all solid defensive midfielders for the future.
Note: Pugliese is on a youth contract and can be signed very cheap first transfer window.

MC: Lucas Romero; My favorite player in the game. I usually play him as Box to Box or DLP midfielder and he is great at it. He's available for around 7m, and has tons of potential.My number 1 recommended buy for any club who can get hold of him.

MC: Goretzka / Verratti; The two players i'd choose between if Romero was unavailable. They both control the midfield well and perform quite consistently. Goretzka should cost you about 9m, Verratti around 20m.
Both will be amongst the leading central midfielders once they hit their prime.
Note: Verratti is always available for loan first season and will perform quite well if you're a mid table team.

AMR: Andrija Zivkovic; Probably the most consistent right winger you can get. He'll develop into a solid winger. Always a good purchase.

AMR: Lazar Markovic / Rodrigo Gomez / Agustin Allione; I can't make up my mind who's the clear choice. And there certainly are many other options in this position. I've had success with all these players. They all have good potential and play well. Markovic might be pricy but the other two are generally quite cheap.
Note: Getting Rodrigo Gomez a work permit the first two seasons is hard. If you need someone early, I'd recommend Markovic or Zivkovic.

AML: Julian Draxler; He's one of the few players that will perform in the first season in what is a tricky position to find good players in. Since Neymar and Hazard are unrealistic, i usually opt for Draxler as my big purchase in the first transfer window. Great player.

AML: Bernard / Shaarawy; Both solid players. Both lack an abundance of preferred moves but develop into solid left wingers.
Note: Both players are pricy, especially considering the fact that Premier league clubs need to buy out the agent % of Bernard. Many young wingers are available for loan the first two seasons. ( Ocampos, Ferreira Carrasco etc.)

AMC: Kovacic / Rafinha / Barkley; I usually keep two of these players in my squad. They are all great. They play at the highest level for many years and develop into great playmakers.
Note: Isco is normally obtainable after the first season, but hasn't put in the performances to match his pricing unfortunately. I'd rather buy someone else.

ST: Vietto / Berardi; Two cheap strikers. Both develop well, and both of them skyrocket in value quickly.
There are other strikers like Gabriel Barbosa, Mauro Icardi etc. Scout them individually and see which striker you prefer. I usually buy both Vietto and Berardi simply to make money though. Then i opt for a solid regen talent once available.

Good luck. Hope this helps someone.


Oct 13, 2013
A couple more realistic additions.

GK: Timo Horn: Again, he grows to be excellent, and he's young and dirt cheap. Has a release clause of 6 Million $.

CB: Eder Alvarez Balanta - He's young, reasonably quick and crazy good. Oh and cheap. Ideally, get him in the second season, since you can only get Doria cheap in the first season. Although again, his stats are randomized, so scouting and a peek at his stats are needed.

CB: Samuel Umtiti - He's again brilliant ingame, and available quite cheap in the second season. (This was in the earlier update, I'm not sure of his value in the latest DB)

ST: Timo Werner - Brilliant young striker. His PPM Takes First Time shots can be frustrating, but in general, tends to get in bags of goals. Also, getting him in the first season means he's cheap, and will give you HGC status by the time he's 20/21.

ST: Alberto Cerri - A must signing, simply because he's available on an unprotected contract at the start of the game. He's not world class in the latest update, but Target Men are scarily effective in FM 14, so he'll be brilliant eventually.