My FM10 Journeyman Story


Feb 19, 2010
As I am really not able to get into FM12, I decided to go back to my favourite version of FM. I will be starting of unemployed, and reporting back my progress.

So my first job in management is at Blue Square South team Worcester City. They aren't exactly the best team in the league, but my aim is to turn them into a winning team. I have set some goals for myself while I am at Worcester, which are:

Win the Blue Square South
Win The Blue Square South Manager of The Year
Gain Promotion from the Blue Square Premier

These are my current goals, but I will be updating them as I progress through the game.

My Starting Team

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This is the team I have started with. Not the best, but I know how to improve it easily. One of the problems here is that a lot of the wage budget is being used. I plan to bring in quite a few players, so I will need to clear some of the wage budget in order to do this.

Transfers In/Out

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As you can see, there has been lots of transfer activity in and out of the club. I have really improved the club now, and I am really confident that we will be able win the league without a problem.


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I have decided to go with a 5-4-1 formation. My philosophy is a very attacking style of play. Playing the ball around quickly and scoring as many goals as possible. We had some excellent results with it in pre-season. Having not lost a game, we are going into the season full of confidence.

Next Update

First 10 games update.