My ICT (DiDA) Project: Kit help


Jan 24, 2009
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Ok so this is my ICT project at school and I have made a running vest for it. View attachment 123174

And I have to show it on a body so you can see what it looks like if someone is wearing it. So I had an idea to show it on project dummy kits. This is what I've got so far: View attachment 123176

But the thing is he still has a shirt on and normally when you are wearing a running vest you wear nothing underneath but I can't get rid of the shirt because the dummy has no body under the shirt it just has arms legs etc. Also, I got rid of the socks of the dummy but now it looks weird.

So does anyone know what I can do?

Thanks in advance
Your ICT project looks so much better than mine ! We had to organise a week in Bristol for 80 foreign children - boring....

On topic : You could say that the black bit is like one of those base layer things. If I recall correctly some sprinters dress like that
Couldnt you just use colour overlay on the like base to the grey ish colour?
The socks, keep them....

Couldnt you just use colour overlay on the like base to the grey ish colour?

Yeah I tried that but the shirt has some sort texture/shadow on it so doesn't look right.
or just use the paint brush?
use the paint brush and paint over the grey.....

This is what I've settled for and I'm going for the idea that the black top is a baselayer
It sounds like a really good project and I thought it was at first but it's more writing than graphical to be honest :/