MY jimmies are seriously rustled. I can't win.


Oct 22, 2011
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So. For the last 5 saves, I have been trying to win the league with Real Madrid.

I tried doing the Mourinho Tactics (with a few tweaks) and had 9 points on Barca halfway through. Finished second. Rage quit.

Tried it again, same thing happened (pretty much).

Tried to sell hig/benz/dimaria/khedira/ozil and buy Neymar and others (pretty much rebuild the team). Finished second.

Tried EVERYTHING. Always finished second.

I play FM (and other managers) since 2003 and never had THIS much of a problem.

dont play as Real Madrid or continue into the 2nd season?
1) More info is needed mate.
2) "Rebuilding the team" en masse and at one go doesnt work with FM13 in that its very difficult to have instant success (ie same season). My advice is to bring in maximum 4 players per window.
3) Have 3 tactics learned. Have the tactics part of them be similar (ie team instructions) but have 3 different formations- a narrow (eg 41212), a wide (eg a 442) and another one. Read the scout reports of the opposition esp the tactics faced part. React to that. Watch matches on extended. If you havent scored within 25 mins then chances are that your tactics are wrong for the match. Tweak/change accordingly.
4) Barcelona dont like it rough. I beat them with Monaco in my second season (or maybe 3rd) with shouting "hassle", "get stuck in" and "run at defence" and using my 12321 Overload tactic which features a packed midfield (and beat them before a number of times with same idea).
Mate, just try win it in the second season ... Don't just quit the save because you haven't won the title. Your obviously doing something wrong or don't have something that you need to win it.

I now you can come on here and ask for help etc, but for me you get a better kind of feeling when you win it off your rivals in the 2nd season and your also left with the fact of knowing you have succeeded in building a better team and that what you have done has worked and continue to try and dominate.

Don't just quit man. No fun in winning all the time. Doesn't matter what team you are.
1. Like what?
2. I sell more than i bring in.
3. Always have a PLAN B tactic, Down to 10 Tactic and Narrow Counter tactic. I could pay more attention to how my team plays and change stuff around, my tactics are actually great, since i often share them with my friends and they have success using them.
4. I ALWAYS win the Super Cup and Copa del Rey where i meet Barcelona everytime., and RARELY lose to Barcelona at all, and if, it's not more than 1-0/2-1. It's just that i often lose points agianst teams like granada and espanyol. Kinda what happened to Real this season.
I don't usually quit like this. It's just this Real Madrid winning fetish i have.
I don't usually quit like this. It's just this Real Madrid winning fetish i have.

Sounds more like a coming 2nd fetish to me. (sounded pretty sexual, and it is.)
Still only 17, always come 1st. feelsbadman.

Wish i could do that on FM.
Ok you're awesome because I thought I was the only person who actually talked about my jimmies being rustled. I'll help you out man

I agree with these other people, you should play the second season. In my experience, rebuilding the team is actually worse. Bring in like 1 or 2 players in the summer windows and 1 in the winter. You'll confuse the team by suddenly switching everything up. Field this starting 11 before making any transfers:


Ronaldo------------Özil-------------Di Maria




Allow more creative freedom, have a fluid style of play, have a short passing style, and have a control strategy. Change control to attack if you don't score in the first 30-45 minutes or whenever the other team scores. Try to avoid overload unless you're losing by 3 goals or more. Don't even bother with the standard or any defensive strategy, they're bad news for a strong team like Madrid.

As far as transfers go, get rid of Khedira and try to replace him with a solid ball winning or deep lying midfielder. Play Modric every game you can and switch between the new midfielder and Alonso. I recommend Arturo Vidal, Yohan Cabaye, Aaron Ramsey, or Joao Moutinho.

I play as FC Bayern and my 3 best transfers are Eden Hazard, Falcao, and Marco Reus. Get one of these guys, they perform incredibly well for me

Without making any transfers, I got my team to the final before losing to Barca. If I bought one of them in the first transfer window, I probably would've won. DON'T BUY A LOT OF PLAYERS! I can't emphasize that enough. Buy 1, 2 at the most.
I started over. Bought ONLY Miguel Veloso and Ricardo Quaresma (Which i fancy in Real Life and they're portugese so they cope in well, both are currently noted as ''SUPERB'' signings by fans) Started playing on extended, noticed a big difference in how my impact during the match changes things. Losing 0-1. Sub In Quaresma or Di Maria and it's 2-1 in no time.

Beating Barcelona is no problem for me, because i just KNOW how to NOT lose. :D I will be looking into signing Marco Reus (he rejected me the first time).
I rather invest in youth than 50M€ players tho.

After ACTUALLY trying to play properly - i made dis.
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that's pretty much my starting setup except i pair Alonso/Modric/Veloso with Khedira/Essien/Coentrao(if needed) and play direct on attacking the whole game.

Was actually looking to replace Khedira