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My journey so far and where shall I go next as I'm confused

Jul 7, 2011
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Okay so I'm asking a question (bottom paragraph) but I also want to include a little side story if you wish to read

By no means have I set the world a light at the moment in time I've won no major trophies but I've had a fairly successful career and looking onto bigger things.

Okay so let's kick things off as usual I think of some long term plan which usually fails (this kind of did) where I would get a Blue Square North team into the Premiership so I started by picking local team Guiseley this part of my career was fairly simple well the first season was as I just had to get out of Blue Square North which I did relatively easily so no major success but a success none the less, a year later I achieved back to back promotions after finishing 2nd and winning the play offs this was more challenging but still relatively easy
View attachment 328643View attachment 328644(I removed leagues Blue square North & Prem as when I got further in I added other countries top leagues Germany, Italy, Spain etc my laptops fairly ****)

This is where my long term ambitions failed whilst was in league 2; Cheltenham Town offered me a job they were only a couple of places above me (I was 24th) I felt the team were more likely to get promoted so proving my lack of loyalty I left (I wad about 6/7 games in) moving on with Cheltenham Town I again achieved back to back promotions flying through league 2 considering how poor they were doing before I joined and after a poor start couple of months in league 1 where I was bottom half of the table I really started to kick on after and I wouldn't say my quality of a manager achieved that not by a long shot it was the inconsistency in the league that shooted me up the table when I started picking up results it was even more inconsistent than the championship :eek: I finished 4th and won the play offs against high flying Notts County sympathy for them consdering the amount of points they had and how far they finished from the autos
View attachment 328646View attachment 328647

Again my lack of loyalty shun and after one Championship game I resigned and one and a half months later I joined fellow strugglers and debt ridden Birmingham who at the time was 22nd after eight games although it was a slow start a late play off push just narrowly failed and finished in 8th place finish it wasn't a massive success but a good finish to the season ensured that a low media prediction finish (which was 20th failed)
View attachment 328648

Less than a year in charge surprise surprise I lacked loyalty and resigned due to awful debt and I wanted premier league football and felt I wouldn't get it with Birmingham. So when I left I went applying for jobs and lesson learnt for me don't leave without anything else sorted only a month out of management but when I got to my next job it wasn't what I wanted after applying for Swansea, Hull and West Ham and all returned unsuccessful I realised I wasn't Premier League material just yet so when I saw the Celtic job open I thought easy league win and Champions League football and thinking I will leave at the end of the year as my reputation will have grown and the dream of competing in the Champions league.

So that's where I'm up to sitting top of the league with Celtic a poor first game ensured me to a 2-1 loss to the hands of Motherwell has proved to be the only downer in all competitions I have won 14 of my 16 games (0-0 Hearts and 2-0 Real Madrid the only unsuccessful games) and a shock win against Liverpool left me hanging on the edge of my seat stats and score suggests otherwise but it was one sided and not in my favour.
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Anyway sorry for boring you all and my main point is where can I go next? I would've put it in the who to manage section but may not make sense but not too fussed about who it is just where shall I go as I'm struggling to think where I could go I mean where could winning the league in Scotland lead me too how big is my reputation after this season and what would become available? Mid table job in the premiership? A relegation battle in BBVA? a top half team in Bundesliga? etc and Italy and France included what type of job could I land myself in the major countries in Europe again sorry for boring you and if some of my drivel doesn't make sense just ask me what it means as half of it is probably not in English because it's 2:40