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My playmakers aren't really "playmaking"

Apr 10, 2010
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My playmakers do not seem to be setting up too many goals and I want that to change. My first choice playmaker is Leandro Paredes, who only has 11 assists and 5 goals (3 of these being free kicks) in 45 matches and has an average rating of 7.27 (which is arguably a decent rating), but I really want him to be more involved in matches as I feel he is a good player. Here is a screenshot of him:

View attachment 324671

Here is a screenshot of his individual instructions:

View attachment 324674

And here is a screenshot of the team instructions:

View attachment 324675

Is there anything I should be looking to change in any of these instructions to get him more involved? I also have Barcelona coming up in the Champions League final so I'll be needing some good chances made to have a chance of beating them.
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Feb 15, 2009
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You are playing attacking, which means the game is moving too quickly for a advanced playmaker to have the kind of controlling effect I think you want. He will still play well ( as is shown by his rating), but you'd need to bring the "level" down. Your set up is very quick and pacy, and on the face of it looks less about build up and more about quick transitions. Nothing wrong with that at all mind.

he isnt "playmaking" because your current style doesnt really cater for it there, if anything the DLP is more important here.

If anything you want a pacey, running, dribbling playmaker there. Gotze would be a top level example, and set him to run with ball often perhaps.

If your overall play is successful, I would not change anything for the sake of getting one player to be more involved.
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