My Quest – (Local to Legend) - from Medway City


Jan 17, 2023
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My Quest – (Local to Legend) - from Medway City

With this FM coming to an end in a bit over a year, I’ve decided to try my hand at starting from the very possible lowest tier in English football, but further starting a managerial career where, if I was still back in my teens I would begin!

My local club is actually Lordswood FC who I played for back in the day. Playing at the Lordswood Sports and Social club, it’s about a 5 or so minute walk from my place.

I could have started there, but I’ve decided to start with a team at the lower Level 15 of the English footballing pyramid – Medway City. They also appear to play at the same venue.

So putting on my tracksuit bottoms and my baseball cap back to front, to start my managerial career I’ll be walking there each morning in my personal quest to build up my zero reputation as a manager (Sunday League football and No Coaching Badges), and see where my career takes me over the course of FM23 and FM24.

Never had the stamina to play such a potentially long save, but I find myself bored of playing the bigger teams, and the time seems right to give this type of save a real good bash.

No idea what type of structure I will have to this, I guess I will just log some progress whenever the time feels right in a particular season. Otherwise bare minimum will be a post for each season.

Let’s Go!