Dec 8, 2008
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First time poster here.

I wanted to start with a "sleeping giant" after turning Leeds into the greatest club in the world on FM2010, obviously bringing them up from League one making good progress season after season.

I was browsing League one to see who I was going to pick to take to the top, It was down to Charlton/Soton/Wedneday - I decided Wednesday was the team for me.

I coasted through league one finishing second behind a Peterborough team that didnt seem to lose, although I outplayed them twice, I only managed two draws. I headed in to the Championship with high hopes of getting decent cash for wages. How wrong I was, the board gave me £100k/week wages, funnily enough, my first game was against Newcastle who had Barton (£115k/week) Collocini (£70k/week) etc all playing – my top earner is on £8k by the way lol. I did ok and finished mid table. I released a lot of old players who I had signed for the one season

Third season, again hopeful of getting some cash - nothing. Not a penny to spend and a basic £100k wages, despite the clubs expectation raising. I scout through the free agents and pick up better experienced players and a few youngsters from the top clubs.

After an unpredictable season (30 games in) so far, I am within striking distance of the play offs and even automatic qualification. I must add that anyone worth loaning will not sign for me, and although my midfield and defence is strong, I have a serious lack of firepower up front i.e. Klasnic, Danny Ward & Fred Sears - none of which have captured any sort of form. We were subject of a take over bid last season, but nothing has come of it, I also turned down the Newcastle job who offered me a wage budget of £600k!!

The club has about £1.5m in the bank and loses money month on month. My main worry is that Wednesday are not a desirable club to take over, and despite having high gate receipts, I just cant seem to get any money together to make the next step, the thought of a painful season in the PL scares the **** out of me. Obviously I could sell a few players, but then I am worried about replacing them with sufficient talent without taking a backward step.

Has anyone else been in this position? I am a club punching way above my weight and really need funds to keep on growing. The issue I have is that the board just doesn’t have the funds available and I cant see where they could get funds from in the future. I may just have to move to a club with better potential/ambition/resources :mad:
ive took sheffield wednesday to the prem from league one
i looked at players who contracts were expiring in 6 months and signed david goodwillie he was good upfront with leigh griffiths and first season in the prem i got 10th could of got 7th if i didnt **** up last 2 games so i rekon it takes a good striker a fast one and a deep lying one

i was never given much money so i relied on free transfers got joe lewis on a free and was awesome
either its frees for sheff wed or you wait till 11.3 when they will have an even stronger defense with the addition of reynolds johnson and morrison madine upfront and osbourne in midfield plus you should have money to spend as mandaric has taken over and wants them in the prem in the next 5 years or something :p
I've just completed my first season with Wednesday and I won the JPT and promotion via the playoffs, I had 70k for wages, sold James OConnor, brought in only free transfers including Quinton Fortune. I had free loans from Premier League teams by being cheeky and asking. Peterborough barely lost anything as did Harlepool it was very frustrating as I wanted to get 1st or 2nd.
I guess being a huge Wed fan helps as I know the Players, Heffernan has been amazing up front with Tudgay.

Now to get some players in for the Championship!
i had the same problem with wednesday, finished 2nd in 1st season then struggled in the championship finishing 18th, then 3rd season i couldn't get a win from anywhere and went back dwn:S