Feb 5, 2009
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Just thought I would share with you guys my Spurs game which I am loving atm!!

One thing before I stat posting screenies, I stronly Suggest You sign NEYMAR! This kid is sick trust me, most of you will have already heard of him and trust me he is woth every penny. I bought him at the start of the game for a fee of around 25 million but not straight up cash, From what I can remember I pay the club I bought him from monthly installments for 4 years lol.

Here is a screeny of Neymar in the 2nd Season:

And his History with me:

Ok guys I must say my key player has been Rafael Van Der Vaart, I have played football manager fir many years now and I must say is is one of the best players I have ever seen on the game, You may think I am being silly when I see this but check his ratings out for me and his attributes and rate hi for yourself :D

Also just to finish this thread up I will post my transfers from season 1 and my achievements, If you guys have any questions at all or requests please just ask :) And sorry if this thread is boring lol!


Neymar = 25 Million With Clauses from Santos
Fabio coentrao = 8 Million from Benfica
Khouma Babacar = 15 Million From Florentina ( This guy will be special!!!)
Adil Rami = 20 Million from Lille
Phil Jones = 12 Million from Blackburn ( Future Star!!)

Success So Far:

Premier League Winner Just lol

Fa Cup Winner :)

My Team

Oh and for the first time EVER I won the league with spurs and my board without me asking upgraded my stadium by 16,000 seats :)

Hope you guys have a read and I appreciate feedback :)

I signed Neymar for 23mill on my first season with Spurs and I've gotta say hes been the complete opposite of your Neymar. He didnt score for over 15hours of football playing as a poacher.

The only time he performed well was in the FA cup against Derby. Now in the second season hes sulking because hes now a sub. Starting Hulk and Defoe.

Worst 23 mill EVER!
Well Done.

Next time use here, but still a great achievement nevertheless. What tactic were you using?
i think you getting 'little bit too much price' for your transfer
ex:im got rami just 10-15 mill,coentrao just for 5 mill
but im so shock you got neymar just 25 mill,im never buy him but im see every in season chelsea or another team buy him higher than 25 mill :D
and im just remember there is a thread named post your success,maybe you can post your success there
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You can get Neymar by lots of instalments and such.

But yes, he did overbid alot for the players.
Yeah I understand I paid a little bit more than what they are worth lol, but afterall I made it up by winning the league and Cup :p, All signings were absolutely fantastic and all will last me 8 years + easily!

I hope you guys like my team anyway!
well,your team looks good :)
btw are you use the thread the shots said?
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I posted it first :p

Anyway what tactic do you use Scotty?
Neymar is poor for me, what do you use him as? Also i can not get VDV and modric to play well together they both perform bad for me :( how do you play them? :) great thread btw
I posted it first :p

Anyway what tactic do you use Scotty?

Just a tactic I created myself :)

As for people asking how do VDV and Modric play well together, I just play them bothe Centrral Midfielder Automatic, and they are amazing together, Also Guys I play Neymar as Complete Forward Support and he is immence for me!
Thanks :) i will try neymar as complete forward and VDV and modric and let you know how im getting on :)
Thanks :) i will try neymar as complete forward and VDV and modric and let you know how im getting on :)
Brilliant post progress please :)

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u can get rami for 7.5 mill mate
Yeah I got ripped haha!

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Yes, but details?
I will PM you details when home :)
Bought Neymar once, Was absolutely shocking for the whole season, second season was on the bench or out of the team, then Real Madrid took him off my hands for 27 mil.
You should buy Eden Hazard mate he's immense as inside forward. He's doing great in my Tottenham save too!
i spurs u get no monney the bored are tight when u sell players best buy was the hulk for 4.5m and hunterlar for 8 and hazard for 15 my big monney buy u got to sell or the dead wood in the team and theres a lot off useless players