Sep 4, 2012
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I play a 4231 formation, short passing on the lowest setting on every player, quick tempo, narrow width..
won the champions league twice in 3 seasons and won the league once..

However, i'm sick to death of having all the possession all the chances and then going on to concede rubbish goals and lose by a single goal. I had similar frustrations on FM 12 as well.

I know some of you will say there's no problem with what i've already won, but i just want my tactic cleaning up a bit so i can be even more dominant without conceding sloppy goals.

Any tips/advice would be nice.. cheers guys
I sometimes have the same problem with my spurs side. Im in 2016/17 season and have won the league 4 times among domestic and european trophies. Try training set to attacking movement, I did this and iti seemed to help after 2 weeks with that set my first game after I beat bolton 7-0 haha. good luck
thats the story of this fm patch,

have more shots, possession, blah blah blah and lose 1-0
You really want some advices after winning the CL twice in three years with Spurs? Lol! Seems you are doing pretty well anyway :)