Mar 15, 2013
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Hi, I was a Champ Man addict in my younger games and my Brother bought be FM 13 for my birthday and I find myself hopelessly addicted. Mt wife is away all weekend so guess what I will be doing?

I am in my 4th season as West Ham manager and after 3 mid table finishes I now find myself in the top 4. However, I am winning games 1-0 and despite my attacking philosophy my strikers don't get any goals. I have a decent team now with Jonjo Shelvey, Nani, Kakuta in midfield. My main striker is Ciro Immobile - he has great stats, scored better than a goal a game in pre season but has now had over 10 hours in competitive football without a goal. I also have Maiga, and Melosi and Obst, two very promosimg young forwards.

My stats are usually between 15-20 shots on goal but maybe only 4 or 5 on target and one or two goals.

I play attacking philosophy either 4-3-3 with 2 wingers or a 4-3-1-2 with a midfield trio and an advanced playmaker behind the front two
Possibly your striker instructions are maybe wrong, try tweaking them a little and talking to the player increasing his moral.
Try restricting the number of long shots they take through player instructions or try praising your strikers no matter what and keeping their morale high. Give them positive team talks and always tell them you have faith.
just buy bebe he's an absolute machine and homeless

Is he? I was offered him on loan, I looked at his stats and turned him down. He's a great physical specimen but can't play football. Or so it looked to me.
Thanks everyone.

I have reduced the long shots of strikers and midfielders and there has been some marginal improvement. I have hired Attillo Lombardo as attacking coach. (attacking coaching 20) I bought a Hungarian striker with finishing 18 called Robert Feczesin, played him as a poacher and he scored a hat trick on debut, so the chances are being created but we don't very often put them away, we have 37 goals in 24 matches in the league and I think its only because I have a good defence that we are in champions league contention (currently 5th) I tried a corner and throw routine from another thread but it hasn't worked, I hardly ever get a goal from a set piece, but last season James Collins scored 9 goals from CD so maybe I was better how I was!

Immobile should be a good striker, finishing 17, heading, off the ball and strength 16, jumping 15 but he has three goals in 20 appearances. His composure is 11 so I am training him on this. I had a similar thing with Maroanne Chamakh and I sold him on. Immobile didnt speak any english when I signed him so i wonder if he needs another season.

Also, James Tompkins is an excellent player for west ham in FM13 he has been player of the season every year and this (4th) season is av rating is over 8 so he is best player in premier league on current form. all I have done is play him as centre back and put him on whatever training the coaches have advised and praised him in media or in private talk whenever i could. Danny Potts and Jack Collison are also good.