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My tactic for Swansea: PS Vita


Feb 2, 2014
Hello guys. I wanted to find a way of contributing to the FM Base community and be remembered in the likes of Coolmcool and LFCMarshall but I couldn't get consistent time on the game. Then, I brought the PS Vita and FMC for it. That, was 2 months ago. Only now have I fully enjoyed it. That is because I have found a Tactic that is boss. It is a 4-2-3-1 with WB's. This is how it goes:

Gk - G - D

Cb - CD - D Cb - CD - D

Lfb - WB - Au Rfb - WB - Au

Cm - Cm - A Cm - Cm - D

Lw - W - S Cam - AM - S Rw - W - S

St - AF - A

Fluidity: Balanced
Mentality: Standard
No PI's or TI's and leave Training to the ***. Man.

This tactic has got me up to 9th with a game in hand Vs a Overachieving Everton with 7 games gone. I did lose the South Wales Derby 3-1 but beat Chelsea by the same scoreline and drew 3-3 against United.