Apr 13, 2011
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Afternoon folks!

Bored after work i decided to try and emulate Barca's tika taka,

I know its been done numerous times and i could easily download it..But,I wanted to give it a shot

Just finished a training camp in Portugal,I know the opposition are not the best but their half decent,

This is the passing analysis after the games..Any tips on what i could improve? or certain roles to get my midfields passes up?

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None as of yet..Just getting it all sorted now,Anything you suggest?

And yeah..quickly seeing it wasn't the smartest of moves haha
Its really hard to say what you need to improve without more information.

- Have you tweaked any of the sliders ( team and/or players) ?
- Do you use any shouts
- What does the flow of the game look like'

...and, the most important question, what is more important to you, being able to emulate the play of Barca or the result ?
Aye! i thought i didnt put enough up..tweaked the sliders slightly,Put the tempo up..and play offside ticked..Ditn try any shouts whilst i was playing because it seemed to be going smoothly as it was,

And not too fussed about the results,Aint a proper save..Just trying the tactic out with them to see how it is?

Flow of the play seemed pretty good..90% of the goals scored came from good passing moves!

Just didnt seem like i was getting as many passes as i expected?