my training tips


Jul 20, 2009
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i am currently in the year 2032 having been able to play a complete season every two weeks recently. many of my first seasons included the ANNOYING trait of major players getting injured for long periods so i thought i'd try resting ALL players ALL the time and it works. no injuries and there fitness didnt suffer. i never could get players to improve no matter how much training i gave them previously.
I can see where your coming from up to a point,i tend to use the default training and hire good coaches for each area of training and it works brilliantly for me,players improve and injuries are kept to a minimum.

I did use the fabled "Tugg's Training" once with disastrous results,it was a complete injury fest,i could hardly put a first eleven out,wasn't for me.
I always use Tug's Training without any major problems. Injuries seem to be about the same as using the default. I just adjust the training according to what division I'm in and the quality of my players.