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My views of FM 13....

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Jun 27, 2012
I would like to start this by saying I'm not bashing the game...well not completely anyway, which leads me to my 1st question...

Why are the mods being so overly protective of the new game?
Its not your 1st born child and there's no need to protect it like it is.

Closing down threads where people are bashing the game doesn't fix their issues, they paid good money and if they are not happy they should be able to express their feelings.

It's not 1-2 people highlighting different issues, it's 100s into 1000s across all sites and forums highlighting the same issues.

Not issues like the game is *****, the games too hard, the games not playable because quite frankly they are BS comments and don't help anyone!

But there ARE issues with what seems to be your "precious" the ME.

I've played around a 100 games since the release of the beta and have seen many strange occurrences which I'm sure you will put down to everything from tactics to the clothes your wearing or what time of the day it is.

Now I'm not an idiot and I understand that improvements will be made, so I'm willing to except these flaws and soldier on until the various problems are fixed.

The amount of what I like to call "impossible" goals is a farce, now before you jump down from your high horses these types of goals are happening to and for me, I have no problems winning matches!!
I'm undefeated in ten league games, but seeing Valencia bomb down the right flank to the point he is basically off the pitch with the ball on the by line and some how getting the ball past the two defenders in front of him and the gk into the far corner of the net is NOT realistic.
Now I'm sure you will tell me these goals occur on a near minute by minute basis in real football but it doesn't... Maybe 5 players in the world would have the technical ability to achieve such a goal once in a blue moon.
Evra and Raphael dont fit this category of player but are achieving these types of goals on a regular basis.

Gk distribution is like jekle and hyde, rio can be spitting distance from dea gee but rather the a 4 yard pass he will hoof it up field to my no strikers (4-6-0), this happens around 10/30 times at home and 20/30 times away.

No such problems on 1st beta version.

One match I was winning 3-0 and Anderson recieves the ball from defence, he has options left/right/behind bit instead stands with the ball like a statue until the forward crunches him with a mans slide tackle, but hey that's ok because rio is the to pick up the loose ball, now he has his wingback to pass to, the gk, midfielder, but no... He also does his best impression of a statue and the foward crunches him too, but hey thats ok Andersons back on his feet, he's got back being rio to retrieve the loose ball... Well you guessed it he gets robbed for a 2nd time!
And of course de gee reacts to nothing and allows a simple tap in.

So it's my tactics yeah?

The same tactics that got me 3-0 up?

Come on pull the other one!!

IMO too many goals from deflectoins for and against me but redonculous ones where a shot is parried out of the box for a midfielder to hit the rebound from 25 yards before your world class gk gets to his feet?

Tactics again yeah?

Greyed out teams playing Barca style football with 3 players having over 100 passes, is that your tactics?

The AI controlled teams such as WBA and Reading dominating the EPL, tactics again?

Teams like Wigan constructing a 25 pass move finishing with a 20 yard screamer when your at home and they have no players capable of such a feat, simply can't be your tactics.

If your lucky enough to never have experienced any ME problems and the game is perfect and your totally happy then fair play to you!

But this is not the case for alot of users.

My second question is to users who are saying the game Is too hard/unrealistic?

Two very different things but still linked ...man utd 18th is unrealistic.

The game being hard is totally different, I've always felt a new release is harder the the previous version as the game tries to move more towards realism and away from a Roy of the rovers type game.

Is taking over Stoke and winning the league in two seasons realistic?
Not based on the last 20 years of premier league football it isn't!

Is taking over a mid table championship side and getting premoted first season realistic?
IMO it's not otherwise the all teams in every league would be separated by a few points at the end of the season, which is not realistic.

Perhaps if people believe it's unrealistic or too hard they should opt for FIFA?

I believe the days of signing 1-3 players (who quite frankly wouldn't sign for those clubs in million years) who turn your club into world beaters are over.

Look who's won the EPL in the last 20 years and if your not that club ask your self should I actually be expecting to win the title.

Sorry if it does sound like I'm bashing the game but I'm not I'm enjoying what I've got to work with, dissapointed yes.

But the shittest version ever, unplayable no way!



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Feb 15, 2009
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