Name For My Liverpool Shirt

Which name?

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Sep 15, 2005
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Ok so it's time for me to buy a new Liverpool shirt this season, I've decided to get the new away one (yellow one).


Anyway the question is, what name should I get on the back? Last Liverpool kit I had sported Le Tallec on the back so I want one as good as that. Vote for as many options as you like.
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Go for the Momo one, or pennant. that will be good
i know how much you love momo ......... so i voted pennant

then you too can be aab, overpriced, criminal and put in loads of crosses and still get relegated
Sissoko ftw!
Thanks Redders, you're so helpful.
Xabi, but if not then big Mo!
Fowler has to be, Liverpool legend. :D
I'd have Fowler on it, liverpool legend like Kris said, or Gerrard as he is your captain ;)
Confuse people and get rooney on the back :p
I'm probabaly going to get Alonso or Gerrard on mine last year i was convinced Owen was coming back so i went out and got his name printed on the back was so ****** off :mad:
Put Hoddle on it. Because hes just that good
Get Fowler, isn't he some sort of Liverpool legend :p I heard that he was good once.