Jan 11, 2010
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I need an AML for my Napoli team, I would like to spend between £10 -£15 Million, preferably closer to 10 so I have something left over, I tried to get Coentraeo (sp?) but Napoli's reputation is lower than Benfica's so he doesnt want to enter contract negotiations. -.-

I then tried Elia, because they had been interested in Maggio, I offered £7.5 M + Maggio, then they negotiated it to £17.6 M + Maggio!!!! :O
Renato Augusto, or if you're looking to save money for another player, get diego buonanotte on loan
Lucas (Sao Paulo) for 3.6 mil is a steal. Alternatively I used Lavezzi there, which worked.
Lucas is an AMC and i would prefer a natural AML :( same for Augusto
Maximiliano Moralez, i signed him for 5 mil i think for Udinese and was amazing
Martin Zeman, he's cheap and on my Napoli team he made 25 assists in one season.
Also have a look at Cristian Rodriguez, Balázs Dzsudzsák, Brian Ruiz, Douglas Costa, Ibrahim Afellay, Sebastian Leto, Andrés Guardado.
Keep Maggio he`s a tank mate.

Elia is too expensive imo.

Apart from the usual,

Mehdi Carcela, 800k-1.6m, bargain imo

Konoplyanko--4-4.4m Another consistant winger

Niakhaichyk 800-1.2m, Can play on both wings and is a solid performer, high assist rate

Capel-Not sure whether he would join you, but scores a good amount of goals too

Belhander-RW but I also played him on the left and he was just as effective

Alessio cerci was amazing for me at Fiorentina and scored a loads, dont know how much he`d be available for and whether or not he would join you but definitely worth a look
maggio i agree is good but, hes not really in my formation that i want to play, and also i can get 6.25M for him :D