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Sep 14, 2010
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Napoli: The Rise of the Partenopei

There is something taking place in Serie A, the likes of which few have witnessed. S.S.C Napoli has taken the football world by storm with the appointment of a new manger (Adonis Pimp), and a solid young nucleus of players led by Marek Hamisk and Edinson Cavani.

The names are familiar, but the buzz has begun around Italy that this Napoli club is on the cusp of something big. They begin the 2010/11 Season a mid-table club but a dark horse favorite among many. The Partenopei qualified for Europa League play this season and newly appointed manager A. Pimp will be looking to see club continue their rise. Make no mistake, however, that this Napoli team's most important cog is Marek Hamsik. Hamsik has been courted or linked in rumor to nearly every major club in England as well as Inter and A.C., and Real Madrid. Holding onto Hamsik and continuing to build on what they have is key in keeping the young starlet.

Will Napoli win Serie A this season? Probably not. Will they turn some heads and continue to shake up the top of Series A? A. Pimp sure hopes so as do all the Partenopei faithful.

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S.S.C Napoli Roster

The Goalkeepers

Morgan De Sanctis - 1st Team, #1 GK

Morgan De Sanctis is Napoli's #1 GK and a fine one he is. De Sanctis has been named Serie A GOY runner up twice and is an underrated keeper. At 33, he is signed through 2013 when the club will need to decide on his future. Napoli will most likely bring in a young GK prospect to groom as his replacement.

De Sanctis has been put on an individual training program to improve the length of his kicks

Gennaro Lezzo - 1st Team, #2 GK

Gennaro Lezzo is a consumate pro and an ideal #2 backup. He is reliable and influential and at 12,000/wk is a perfect fit. His contract ends in 2011 and Napoli will mot likely extend another year despite Lezzo being 37 yrs.

Matteo Gianello - 1st Team, #3 GK

Matteo Gianello is an aging GK, currently #3 on depth chart. He can pass as a backup, but with Lezzo currently on the roster he isn't needed. Napoli will look to move him or let his contract expire.

Luigi Sepa - Reserve Team

Luigi Sepe is currently on the reserve team and is the Napoli's best young GK. While projecting to be a backup at the Serie A level, Sepe will be keep on the roster and trained/loaned until 2013 when a decision on his future will be made

Sepe has been made available for loan but will be placed on a individual training program to increase his quickness.

The Rest...

David Napoli - Reserve Team (out on loan)
Has no future at the club. Will look to move or keep off the books by loaning the player out.

Alberto Tenconi - Youth Team - Below avergage prospect
Luca Capogna - Youth Team - Below average prospect

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The Defenders

Paolo Cannavaro - First Team, DC

Paulo Cannavaro is the anchor of the defense. A DC that can be used as a SW. At 29 with his contract expiring in 2011, extending him will be a priority.

Hugo Campagnaro - First Team, DC/R

Campagnaro is a versatile veteran back that excels playing both DR and DC if needed. He is a nice complement to Cannavaro when playing in the middle as a ball playing defender. The 30 yr old Campagnaro is signed through 2013 and will most likely be heading toward a rotation or backup at that time.

Fabiano Santacroce - First Team, DR/C

Santacroce is quite the young DC. He is very much similar to Campagnaro in that he has the pace and to play DR, but his future lies as a DC. He will be the future in the back for Napoli and will be used quite heavily with the team playing in Europa League. Signed for only 12,000/wk through 2012, an extension towards the end of the 2010/11 season is likely.

Salvatore Aronica - First Team, DL/C

Aronica is yet another versatile back that will play DL but is almost equally adept at DC. He is 32 and signed through 2012.

Gianluca Grava - First Team - DR/C

Grava is another veteran that will provide solid depth an the occasional spot start at DR. He can play DC, but it is not ideal as he lacks the aerial abilty to challenge forwards in the air. His contract comes due at the end of the 2010/11 season and it may be hard for the club to justify the price to keep the aging veteran.

Andrea Dossena - DL (ML)

Dossena is more of a left wing back but excels just the same at DL when a bit more attack and pace is needed. He can play ML as well. His price tag of 73,000/wk is what may find him expendable. He will rotate Aronica, but that may be to heafty a price for a rotation player. Look for his name to surface among transfer rumors.

Camilo Zuniga - First Team, DR

Zuniga is another piece of the youth movement at Napoli. At 24 and with great pace for DR, he could find himself with plenty of minutes. Napoli will be tempted to send him out on loan, however, as he will need playing time. Signed through 2014.

Emilson Cribari - First Team - DC

Cribari is just another example of the tremendous depth in the backfield at S.S.C Napoli. He can fill in at DC and you can feel comfortable with him doing so. He is 30 and his contract is up at the end of the season. It will be interesting to see what the club does with him.

Leandro Rinaudo - Reserve - DC (on loan)

Leandro Rinaudo is on loan at Juventus through 2010/11 season.

The Rest...

Ermino Rullo - Reserves - DL
He has been placed on the transfer list w/ Leicaster having made the most recent bid at 200,000.

Franseco Bruno - Reserves - D(RLC) -
On loan at Atletico Roma through 2010/11 season. At 20, projects as a backup.

Tiziano Cutulo - U20s
He projects to be a backup DC at this level. At 16, he will continue his training at the club.

Francesco Monda - U20s
He projects to be a backup DC. On loan at Sanremese through 2010/11 season.

Alessandro Diana - U20s
He projects to be a backup DL. On loan at Cavese through 2010/11 season.

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The Midfielders

Marek Hamisk - First Team, MC/AMC

Marek Hamsik is one of the best young players in the world. He has shown wonderful commitment to the Partenopei. However, Napoli will need to continue to grow in stature in order to keep him. He is highly sought after. Manager Adonis Pimp has said he will eventually employ him in an AMC role. Look for Hamsik to be courted heavily this season.

Manuel Blasi - First Team, MC/DMC

Manuel Blasi is the engine of the Napoli squad. Often used as a traditional ball winning midfielder, he will be vital to Napoli's success this season. His contract ends this season, however, and the will be faced with an interesting question of if they can resign him.

Christain Maggio - First Team, MR

Maggio is the perfect wing for manager Pimp. He is a great at controling his side of the field with great pace. Signed through 2012/13.

Luigi Vitale - First Team, ML

Luigi Vitale is only 22 but has solidified himself into the left wing roll heading into the season. While not as defensive as Maggio on the opposite side, he remains as pacey and creative and should remain a fixture in the lineup this season. Signed through 2011/12 season.

Jose Sosa - First Team, M/A (RLC)

Sosa is an extremely versatile midfielder be it on the left, right, middle or up front in an attacking role. Sosa will most likely be Pimp's first call from the bench on most nights. Sosa is signed through 2014/15.

Michele Pazienza - First Team, MC/DMC

Pazienza is a very simlar player to Blasi and will often spell him or spot start. Signed through 2011/12 season, Pazienza may be in line to start if Napoli fail to resign Blasi.

Hassan Yebda - First Team - MC/DM

Hassan Yebda is on loan from Benfica through the 2010/11 season. He provides excellent depth for Hamsik.

Walter Gargano - First Team, MC/DM

Gargano excells when used as a DM or ball winning MC. At 26 and signed through 2014/15 season, Gargano will provide a spot start or two and depth for Napoli this season.

The Rest...

Nicolas Amodio - Resreve (on loan at Portosummaga through 2010/11)
Marginal DM/MC who may be let go at end of 2010/11 season. (15,750/wk)

Luca Cigarini - Reserve (on loan at Sevilla through 2010/11)
Gifted passer w/ creativity. Signed through 2013/14.

Mariano Bogliacino - Reserve - (on loan at Chievo through 2010/11)
At 30, will most likely be let go at end of the season. (18,500/wk)

Luca Giannone - Reserve (on loan at Matera through 2010/11)
Only 21 with much work needed. Will resign for 1,000/wk.

Samuel Dalla Bona - Reserve (on loan at Atalanta through 2010/11)
Will place on the transfer list when loan is complete. No future w/ club.

Raffaele Maiello - Reserve
19. Is signed through 2012/13 and could develop into back up for 1st team.

Daniele Mannini - Reserve (co-owed w/ Sampdoria, at Sampdoria)
Is strong with both feet playing either MR or ML. Will look to buy other 50% stake.

Lorenzo Insigne - Reserve (on loan at Foggia)
Young at 19. Ooodles of talent. Great dribbler with technique and flair. Signed through
2012/13. Will extend for 2,500/wk.

Jesus Datalo - Resrve (on loan at Espanyol)
Blazing speed. Playmaker. Use on left side. Could slot in nice if Napoli move to attacking midfield formation as has been hinted.

Massimiliano Amendola - Reserve (on loan at Aversa Nommana)
Needs a ton of development, but is cheap at 450/wk.

Umberto Varriale - Reserve (co-owned w/ Avellino, at Avellino)
Needs a ton of work. Will not push for other 50% stake.

Cosmo Paiumbo - Resreve (on loan at Aversa Normmana)
No future at club. Will recall and look to transfer.

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Edinson Cavani - First Team

Edinson Cavani has such a knack for scoring. After being signed away from Palermo, he set to carry the Partenopei up top. He is an excellent option as a complete forward. Signed through 2013/2014.

Ezequial Levezzi - First Team

Levezzi is a perfect compliemnt for Cavani up top. Levezzi is so creative and flourishes in a deep attacking forward role. Though he can be volatile at times, he is simply too good to ever let go. Signed through 2012/13, he will be resigned at the first sign of discontent.

Christian Lucarelli - First Team

Christian Bucchi - First Team

German Denis - First Team

Fabio Quagliarella - Reserve (on loan)

The Rest...

Erwin Hoffer - Reserve (on loan at Kaiserslautem)

Camillo Ciano - Reserve (on loan at Cavese)

Pia - Reserve (on loan at Portosummaga)

Nicolao Dumitru - U20s (co-owned w/ Empoli, w/ Napoli)

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Feb 25, 2011
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Nice presentation

How are you playing with your Napoli side? I'm using 4-1-2-1-2. When healthy it's:

De Sanctis



Pazienza-Afellay (signed for 6m pounds, great deal)



Have you also had massive problems with injuries? I had 7 guys out at the tail end of the season!