Napoli Story - Torna alla Classe Internazionale

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Jan 30, 2010
First of all, i would like to apologize for my English. Its not my native tongue, but i will try to keep my language as understandable as im able too ;)

I have choosen Napoli as my new. I've done this because i like the mentality around the club and i also enjoy the composition of their football. My goal is to bring Napoli back to the european top in approximately 5 years.

I'm gonna keep you updated on my story, by monthly updates where my main focus will be on the economy, transfers and ofcourse what happens on the pitch.


First Season:
Official Goal = Qualification to Europa through the league.
Personal Goal is a top5 place. I know this will be very hard, but i know my team are strong enough to forfill my dreams of the first season.

I have chosen to play a typical southamerican 3-4-1-2 formation with wingbacks set on automatic to perform defensively aswell as offensively. My AMC is a trequarsta that will be the offensive fulcrum.

I started out quite aggresive on the transfermarket by making 5 signings, which 3 of my signings are thaught to play immediately while 2 are youngsters which are more suitable for reserveteam for a couple of seasons (in my oppinion).

Nicolas Otamendi - Velez Sarsfield - $7mio.
Diego Renan - Cruzeiro - $20mio.
Diego Buonanotte - River Plate - $11.25mio.
Marco Verratti - Pescara - $190k.
Jano Ananidze - Sparta Moskva - $1.25mio.

I bought Nicolas Otamendi because he has always performed in a unique level for me in some of my former saves (Valencia and Tottenham). He's maybe not the tallest DC, but his physique is outstanding. Therefore im convinced that he will be one of the best defenders in Serie A in two, maybe three years.

Diego Renan is according to me a very versatile player, that is perfectly suited for my left wingback position. Hes quite fast, and his technical and mental attributes are very consistent, eventhough hes a young man. Its the first time i had the balls to throw a huge amount of money to buy him free, but im sure that he will be a nice catch.

Diego Buononatte is one of my favourite players. His technical attributes are very strong, and he's in my oppionion a technical masterpiece. He's also quite pacey and his mental attributes are perfect for an offensive midfielder. His only "drawback" is his height. Hes only 161cm and will therefore be a easy target in most of the physical duels. But i'm sure his other attributes will cover for his height.

Marco Verratti and Jano Ananidze are two very similar players that are suitable for the MC or OMC spot on my team. Especially Marco Verratti is a very very very talented player, that im looking forward to follow. Im convinced that he wil be the new Del Piero in Italian football :p Ananidze is also an interesting prospect that im expecting much from in the following years.

I'll post the next update (1/9/09) tomorrow afternoon.
- and i hope that all of you gifted fm-geniuses will help me with some critique and advices.

p.s. next update will be with screenshots of tactic etc. - My computer wasn't up for screenshots today s:


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