Jul 4, 2010
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I had this idea when FM first came out, but have only now bothered to make it. This will be a series of databses where many different places split from there main country, and create new nations. How many people would download this?


To Be Made
Chechen Republic (Russia)
Sicily (Italy)
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Manchester Monaco & london have been done by manu but i would download the midlands one :)
Yeah I saw them earlier they are pretty good, also done by someone else is Basque Country which I was thinking of doing :(

Anyway, I haven't decided on any more I will make other than the 3 named, but I will probably make a few others, and maybe release a 'megapack' at the end.
I should be ok, been editing since FM07 so quite experienced, but I will if stuck :)

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Basically finished testing Corsica. Doesn't look like there are any faults/bugs.

Awaiting approval....

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Dunno, normally takes about 24-48 hours, but my last file took about 5 days.
I really like this idea. Any possibility we'll see an independent Québec?
how did you do that mate my editor wont let me add a nation it will only let me edit an existing one.
Advanced Editor, if you edit the XML files in program files/si//fm11/tools/editor/
you can get the option to add nations, continents etc

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Bump, Corsica has been approved.
if you want some ideas you could do isle of man, hawaii, alaska, kosovo, tasmania, channel islands if not already done, gibralter, falkland islands, easter island, berwick upon tweed who had been at war with russia from the start of the crimean war in 1853 until 1966.
Corsica has a population of 0? o_O Anyway I love the idea of these :)