NathWalker and KaiRooney Chairman Game Story Thread.


Aug 13, 2011
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New ‘Fairer’ Premier League Announced!!!

New Barclays Premier League bosses NathWalker and KaiRooney have today made radical changes to the 20 teams that are currently in the premier league. These changes have been made in order to make the league fairer. Walker had this to say when asked about why he has made these changes : “The changes have been made in order to make the league fairer, as football fans both me and Kai are bored of the same teams dominating the league every year. And so we have made changes to the clubs in order to make the league more of a level playing field.”

The changes that have been made to the teams in the league are that all Chairmen from the clubs have been bought out by Nath, Kai and the Premier League aswell as this all clubs debts have been paid off and the Premier league have provided the new clubs with a basic balance of £100m in order to make transfers and keep the club up and running. As well as this some players have been removed from clubs and assigned to other clubs in order to provide quality to some clubs lacking in the department.

The 20 Chairmen that have take over the clubs are:

Arsenal - Saul Abbiss(Saulabbis)

Aston Villa - Agent 47(Wenger Balls)

Chelsea - Noah Bullock(UkFootballScore)

Everton - Rev O’Lucion(Revolution)

Fulham - Scott Harrison(Scottyh92)

Liverpool - Dan Armstrong(DanArmstrong)

Man City - Lord Voldemort(JohnLovee)

Man Utd - Gary Harry(GaryHarry)

Newcastle - Joe Bloggs(Geezar 10)

Norwich -

QPR - Sky(Akash)

Reading - Scott Tillie(T1lli3)

Stoke - Santiago Munez(KaiRooney)

Southampton - Fernando Alonso(AdamG23)

Sunderland - Jens Lehmann(NathWalker)

Swansea - Scrooge McDuck(Lxl Ra Lxl)

Tottenham - Christian Okafor(ScurffyUK)

WBA - Sebastian Vettel(MaximumPower)

West Ham - Khalid Al-Richmann(Daveparko)

Wigan - Sprillen(Hansi24)
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General Rules
Make an Effort with posts, makes the thread more aesthetically pleasing and easier to read.
Please inform me or KaiRooney of any inactivity on your behalf and we will do the same for us.
Do not announce anything until one of us has confirmed the deal.
Everything is to be sent to either me or Kai by PM. If PM’s are full then email: [email protected]

Game Rules
Mangers and other staff, including players can be release at any time but compensation must be paid. Weekly wage x No of weeks remaining on contract will be how I work this out.
Managerial appointments must be fairly realistic at the end of the day this is a fantasy game so I will be fairly lenient with these appointments. The Basic Formula will be – Reputation of your Club + 20% Increase...
(Send Me an Enquiry through PM Saying the Manager you want for your Club, After Making Calculations, I will Get Back to You.)
If signing a manager from another club a compensation fee will have to be paid. This will be worked out by Weekly wage x Weeks left on contact.
Wages for new managers will be worked out by Current weekly wage x 1.25.
Transfer and Wages budgets for your manager will be set after the transfer deadline that I set, these can be as high or low as you want but consider your finances as there will be consequences for going into the red.
There will be no stadium upgrades as of yet, I may reconsider this after a few seasons have past.
Facility improvements will be available after the first season. I will announce the cost of these when that comes around.

Transfer Rules
Chairman to Chairman transfers are to be done through PM with each other. The fee should be agreed between the two parties. Wages will be worked at as given below.
Loans from foreign transfers are allowed but the payer must either be loan listed or have a squad status of Back Up or less.
Free transfers will be done by players PM’ing me the players You are interested in. I will then post a list of these players on the thread. People will then PM me their wage offers for the players and the team with the highest wage offer will win the player.

Numbers Of Transfer Type allowed:
Chairman to Chairman – Unlimited both Transfers and Loans
Lower Domestic Leagues Transfers – 3 per window.
Lower Domestic Leagues Loans – 1 per window.
Foreign Transfers – 5 per Season (Max 4 in the Summer Window)
Foreign Loans – 3 per Season. (Loan listed players or any player with squad status of Back Up or less)
Free Transfers – 4 per season.
Youth Players – 3 per Season. (U18’s valued less than £3m)

Transfer Costs:
Chairman to Chairman – Agreed between Chairmen.
Domestic Leagues Below – 1.5x Value
Foreign Transfers – 2x Value
Release clauses will be taken into account if it is lower that the worked out value.

Wage Cost:
Player is 18 or Under – 2x Current Wage
Player is 19 – 32 – 1.5x Current Wage
Player is 33+ - 1.25x Current Wage.

Save Game Link:
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Completed Transfers.

Dan Agger to Man Utd (Player Swap)
Glen Johnson to Man Utd (Player Swap)
Javier Hernandez to Liverpool (Player Swap)
Rafael to Liverpool (Player Swap)
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New German Era At The Stadium Of Light???

Today sees a new era at Sunderland, former German and Arsenal goalkeeper has today taken over Sunderland under the new premier league rules. Along with Jens taking over as part of the Premier Leagues new fair rules, the draft has seen Sunderland take Martin Jol as their manager and forwards Theo Walcott and Dimitar Berbatov join the side.

Jens has come out and said : “Sunderland is a huge club with a fantastic history, although they have not had a very good time in the league or cup competitions recently, I will stop at nothing to turn Sunderland into a dominant club in Europe. This may take a while but I have plans year on year, the first year will be simply to stay in the league and to strengthen the squad through this time of transition. And the year after this I will be wanting a mid table finish and then a year on year improvement on this. By the end of my 5th year in charge I will be wanting a European qualification finish in the league. These are my plans and I hope to make the fans of the wonderful club happy once again.”

With around £100m to spend on transfers and other improvements to the club what will Jens do for Sunderland??
Only time will tell…..
1st Request - Everyone Please add the Remaining 19 Members as Friend to Facilitate Quicker Transactions through PMs
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Talking to the press Sky said
Seeing the QPR players giving it their all against their the league leaders with 10 men on the final day of the last season inspired me to take this decision
As a gift for the supporters I bring with me the two best players of the BPL winners i.e. David Silva & Yaya Toure.
Also we have convinced Arsene Wenger to cross over to this part of London
The Fans have welcomed this move and are drooling to see Silva, Toure &
Wenger in QPR colours
Bolton grit takes over the reigns at the reds with the glory days set to returns to Englands 2nd most successful club!!

Dan Armstrong today completed his prolonged takeover at Liverpool FC. The billionairre toiletries tycoon said at his introductory press conference 'My dream has always been to own a Premier League club and following several failed attempts to buy Bolton Wanderers, I am proud to announce that I now have majority shareholding in Liverpool. Many people have questioned my financial position recently but I feel that my most recent invention - the electronic toilet brush - will help us push in the right direction with the funds required to do this. I have provided the club with a cash injection of £100 million and am hoping that Chris will spend this wisely'.
When asked about Chris Hughton's position, Armstrong said 'Chris is a competent manager and has strength in depth in the current squad, although the loss of Suarez and Stevie will hit us hard. Im sure Chris and I will move swiftly to replace those two influential figures!!'

On completion of the press conference, Armstrong toasted the clubs future success by supping a pint of real ale from one of the number of beers put on for people attending the press conference! What a guy......although his football credentials remain a bit of a mystery!!
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Vettel to drive Baggies to pole position

Sebastian Vettel, the former Formula 1 driver for Red Bull alongside Australian Mark Webber, has sensationally purchased mid-table Premier League side West Bromwich Albion from the former owners. With the new changes made to the Premier League, all teams have an even footing in the upcoming season. Our journalist, Damon Scott, has conducted an exclusive interview with the fastest chairman in the Premier League.

Scott: Thank you for agreeing to this interview, may I ask what inspired you to purchase West Brom who haven't got a silver-studded history?

Vettel: I have always been a great follower of the game, West Brom have played great football, although it was unseen to the general public but I had a gift and saw it. Now, with myself controlling the club I can attract attention to the great football here and lead the club to the hall of fame.

Scott: Your first act as chairman was to bring in Hugo Lloris and Hatem Ben Arfa as players, alongside David Moyes as the new manager. Why did you bring these people in when you had a much wider choice?

Vettel: I have always admired the 3 men and felt they had a gift that in unseen to the world similar to the football played by West Brom so it felt only natural to the bring the men in.

Scott: Thank you for responding, one final question. How much are you investing into the club in order for it to survive financially?

Vettel: I have invested a total of 100 million into the club, all of which I got when I entered the Formula One hall of fame, for it to succeed.

Scott: Thank you for your time, that should be enough for my editor

Vettel: No problem, it was a pleasure talking to you

With Vettel set to make West Brom the English Barcelona and fans of the Baggies celebrating that they know their chairman is a down to earth man it is set to be a great season for the club formerly know as the Throstles

Man Utd Takeover

Bolton born Businessman Gary Harry was today confirmed the new Chairman of Manchester Utd. Having recently sold his billionaire empire of adult entertainment products, Mr Harry acquired the whole share of Man Utd for a sum of around 1 billion.

The previous chairman was not a fans favorite and Mr Harry has made steps to gaining their trust. Mr Harry commented at the press conference 'Its Harry time, Its Utd time, watch out you fools'.

Fans have responded with a mixture of reactions after the takeover. Some reports believe they are concerned with Harry's past connections with the adult industry. A fan reportedly said 'From Yank to Prank'. Harry hit back at some fans saying 'I'm totally dedicated to what Utd fans like the most' When asked what that was Harry replied 'Beating Liverpool and The Blue Goons'.

Harry also commented on Brian Mcdermott's future ' He as at least 6 months, if he fails to wow me he's gone, if not he may stay'. Some will argue that's a positive for the somewhat crazy Bolton man.
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New Owner at Everton

Rev O'lucion is a busy lad with recent take overs of Napoli and Marseille he has now gone and purchased top 4 chasing Everton. In a short interview with the busy owner he said

'Im addicted to ownership, some people like cars, some people like horses, I like football clubs. I have enough money to fund all the teams I want and will continue to do so!'

It is rumoured that O'lucion has placed new sponsorship deals with the 3 clubs to fund all the future transfers.

More news to come and we will keep you updated
As soon as joining his new job the QPR gaffer has revealed the players who he thinks aren't are a part of his vision at QPR
The players are
Robert Green
Luke Young
Jermaine Jenas
Park Ji Sung
Wright Phillips
Angelo Balanta
Andy Johnson
Bobby Zamora
All the chairmen are welcome with their bids for these players


Chelsea have been bought out by unknown businessman Noah Bullock, The son of Hutton AFC legend Jack Bullock

This news was also accompanied by the appointment of former assistant manager Steve Clarke as manager. The former West Bromich Albion boss said

Steve Clarke said:
I'm looking forward to this opportunity to become manager of the club I loved. I didn't want to leave last time but had to further my career and West Brom allowed me to do so and I thank them and all they have done for me.

With Michel Vorm and Darren Bent already signed up a few Blues fans have been left frustrated at the calibre of players being targeted but Chairman Bullock responded by saying

Noah Bullock said:
I realise Michel and Darren aren't what the fans were expecting but I feel they have good Premier League experience and will be great back up.

A BUDGET of £120,000,000 has been allocated to boss Steve Clarke to get this team to the top of the League.

MaximumPower said:
Consider that beaten!
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Bitter rivals seal transfer swaps.

Dan Armstrong, Liverpool chairman, today announced the clubs first business of the transfer window with Javier Hernandez and Rafael arriving at Anfield from Manchester United and Daniel Agger and Glen Johnson moving in the opposite direction to Old Trafford in a straight swap! At another real ale fuelled press conference, Dan Armstrong said,
'I have been in lengthy negotiations with Garry Harry of Manchester United following Chris identifying his initial transfer target of Javier Hernandez. Gary was reluctant to lose Javier but i used my business sense to talk him round. I feel we have come out of the deal the happier of the two parties and to be honest, i'm not quite sure why Harry has let Javier go. Maybe he has no idea about talent!!.'

The deal has raised a few eyebrows however as some fans consider the loss of Agger and Johnson for Hernandez and Rafael a poor deal. Only time will tell but Armstrong was clearly pleased with himself as he stumbled out of the press conference and made his way to the bar.
Solid as a rock

Gary Harry held a 'Push Harder Promotions' Press Conference this afternoon.

Its was held to welcome Daniel Agger and Glen Johnson to the club. Gary Harry sat with a big smile across his face whilst sat between his new signings.

He opened the conference with a toast of 'Real Ale' provided by Dan Armstrong.

Gary Harry said 'This is another freebie from Dan Armstrong, well I certainly wouldn't drink this if I had to pay for it' 'What is good though - is that the fact Dan seems to think he did good business' *Laughs are heard. 'A team is built around a good defense, now Liverpool appears to have none' 'Lets face it he has no clue'

Gary Harry concluded by saying 'Thanks for coming today'.
Okay guys sorry but my laptop has broken and it is unfortunately the only computer in my house capable of running FM and so im going to have to cancel this unless Kai can take over. I have PM'd him and i'm just waiting for a response. Once again guys sorry on my behalf.
If I am Given a Database edited with all the transfers then i will surely run the game and post screenshots for you guys...
its just that i wont be able to edit Stuff as I am Poor with FMRTE and other Editing Stuff