Mar 2, 2014
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:)Hello dear fm fans ,

May i express my deepest graditutes for accepting me in your big family of fm base.
I am deeply sorry for the incovience i may cause you , but i have been searching for quite a time and i am having a problem with my save game.
I dont know where exactly to post my question so forgive me for my ignorance but i wiil do it here.
I ve been having a problem with my save game.

Specifically im on the san marino challenge with a team from sammarinese campionato.
I used the editor data and activated the league , with youth league also activated on two days each week to play matches , saved it and loaded it.
Nevertheless as i proceeded in the game after a season i noticed that the youth league u21 and u19 for some reason are not active playing???
How can i activate them so that they can be available in my save game???

Many deepest sincere graditutes from the depth of my heart for your invaluable help and time devoting in my silly matter.

Regards ,

Dear Gavinwwe hello ,

My deepest graditutes devoting your time and efforts in my silly matter with such a vast , pure , kind manner.
I am sorryto ask but forgive me for my ignorance.
this is a dbc file??how do i proceed after downloading?
I mean how can i aply this so that in my save game file the change actually occurs after i load it in real time?

My deepest apologies for all the incovenience i may cause you and trouble i am putting you in.

Regards ,