Nov 18, 2008
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In my Ajax save I have two South Korean Players and I notice they have National Service Status I have never noticed this before on any Fm so Im guessing it a new feature. Has anyone had a player leave for National Service and what other countries have it.
I've noticed only South Korean players have National Service status, don't know why others don't. It was on at least FM2010 too.
I think it's only South Koreans who can get called up for National Service, not sure though.
Pretty sure when you turn a certain age in S.Korea you must do a certain number of years national service.
I remember its something like 2 years of national service between the age of 19 to 30... i may be wrong .
I think the whole S.Korean team were exempted after their 2002 World Cup performance.

Hope your right because park is one of the koreans I have, assistant manger says he is one of my best players
Well I've never seen him leave on National Service if that's a comfort to you.
He's turning 30 soon so even if the info is not on Fm, its very unlikely he'll leave for national service.
Maybe Park Chu Young may get enlisted???